Uvalde police chief gets off scot-free after school board REFUSES to punish his cowardice

Uvalde police chief gets off scot-free after school board REFUSES to punish his cowardice
Many residents had called on Pete Arredondo to quit his position (Photo: CTV News)

UVALDE, TEXAS: District police chief Pete Arredondo, who reportedly made the call not to send officers for more than an hour into Robb Elementary School to confront 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos, will not face any disciplinary action, the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District decided at a meeting on June 3.

As per the reports by Axios, the board took the call after an analysis of ‘why Arredondo made the decision for officers not to breach the classrooms’ where the gunman had barricaded himself with the two teachers and students. Law enforcement officials said Arredondo considered the gunman to be a barricaded subject rather than an active shooter after he locked himself inside the rooms. Additionally, he did not have a radio while commanding the scene.


Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo NOT cooperating with school shooting investigators

Outrage after under fire Uvalde police chief Pete Arredondo is sworn in to CITY COUNCIL

During the district board meeting, the officials declared that students and staff will not return to the Robb Elementary campus, which is set to permanently close. The school will be moved to a new address, while the existing building would be turned into something other than a school site. Superintendent Hal Harrell told parents in attendance at the meeting that the building would never again house students.

The board's decision led to widespread criticism on social media. On Twitter, one user said, "What kind of man doesn't talk with the parents and the entire town of Uvalde but instead hides? A coward and his name is Pete Arredondo." Another wrote, "#democrat or #Republican we can actually all agree on one thing: “Chief” Pedro Pete Arredondo is a coward who should spend the rest of his life being reminded that he is a coward. #UvaldePoliceCowards"

"Pete Arredondo did not have his radio or equipment with him." Wtf was he doing ? was he caught with his pants down or wtf. CHILDREN WERE DYING. LOCK HIS ASS UP," another fumed.





Arredondo, who remains on the job, has repeatedly declined to comment. One user said, "The chief of police Pete Arredondo is hiding from the media because he knows his police officers FAILED the students and teachers who lost their lives. The police did NOTHING except stand around while the active shooter was inside the school killing students and teachers."


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