Pervert who filmed having sex with pet chickens, involved wife in threesome with dog given 3 years in prison

Pervert who filmed having sex with pet chickens, involved wife in threesome with dog given 3 years in prison
(West Yorkshire Police)

A depraved British man who had sex with his pet chickens has been awarded three years in jail. The sentencing came after Rehan Baig pleaded guilty to having sex with birds while his wife Haleema Baig filmed it. The 37-year-old also pleaded guilty to other sexual offenses in July at Bradford Crown Court. Rehan’s crimes came to light after a raid was carried out at his home after a tip that he possessed materials involving kids. During the raid, investigators seized two computer towers, a laptop, and a mobile phone, and after examining those, they found photos and clips of child abuse - eleven in the most serious category A. They also discovered horrifying pictures of the man with his 38-year-old wife carrying out sexual acts on a dog. A video of Rehan with the chickens, one of which was dead, was also found. According to The Metro, the inhumane acts of Rehan were found stored in a file named “Family Vids”, which were described in court as “first-generation, homemade movies”.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford told the court as reported by The Daily Mail, “Moving images were found of the defendant engaging in penetrative sexual intercourse with a number of chickens. Haleema Baig was depicted in some of these videos. Having viewed them it is clear they are filmed in the cellar or basement of their property and both are clearly depicted in the videos. Rehan Baig is seen naked from the waist down and Haleema Baig is seen to perform a sexual act on him. He penetrates the chicken while she is standing close by. There are other examples where Haleema Baig engages in penetrative sexual activity herself with the defendant while he moves between penetrating the chickens and her. She is heard to make sexually encouraging moans to the defendant and engages in consensual sexual activity with him. These do help with her culpability in these particular acts.”

While Simon Hustler, mitigating on behalf of Rehan, said, “Sometimes the exposure of the crime is substantial punishment in itself and these offenses have attracted such derision, loathing and ridicule that this might just be one of those rare cases. When he entered his pleas his life as he knew it came to an end. This case has attracted attention that is rare even in the digital age and he now rarely leaves the house, even sending out for cigarettes if he needs them.”

John Bottomley who was defending Haleema said that she was a good woman who suffered abuse at the hands of her husband before leaving her house and staying at a women's refuge. “She left the marital home, she would say, because of domestic abuse. The nature of that abuse being her husband screaming at and assaulting her. She will suffer shame and humiliation for the rest of her life,” Bottomley added.

However, none of those arguments saved the couple from getting sentenced as Judge Richard Mansell, QC, told Rehan, “The videos you made would make any right thinking member of society sick to their stomach and involved unspeakable acts of cruelty to animals you abused for your own depraved sexual gratification. The pain and suffering you must have inflicted on these animals must have been horrific and all these chickens died as a result.”

Mansell also ordered the man to register himself as a sex offender for life and banned him from keeping any animal as a pet. He told Rehan, “You are not fit to bring up or look after an animal after what you have done.” Haleema received a six-month suspended prison sentence after the court was told she was a victim of coercive and controlling behavior, and without her knowledge, her husband had fitted a secret camera in their bedroom. But the judge said to her, “You gave the appearance of having enjoyed some of the sexual acts with the chickens and dog. You aided and abetted him in these acts although in truth he doesn't appear to have needed much encouragement to indulge his depraved sexual practices.”


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 Pervert who had sex with chickens while his wife filmed him was given three years behind bars