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'Persuasion' on Netflix Ending Explained: The movie shows 'it's okay to find love on your terms, however unorthodox'

The movie is an amalgamation of the unrequited pursuit of two young lovers that are separated by choice but meet again by fate
A still from 'Persuasion' (Netflix)
A still from 'Persuasion' (Netflix)

'Persuasion' is out on Netflix and its everything you will want to watch if you are a follower of pure romance with a tinge of graceful poetry.

The movie is an amalgamation of the unrequited pursuit of two young lovers that are separated by choice but meet again by fate. The love they have for each other sparks moments of jealousy, betrayal, and quiet romance between the two throughout the course of the film. The movie starts with Anne talking about her breaking up with her long-time love, Wentworth. Her dad, Sir Walter, her eldest sister Elizabeth, and her youngest sister Mary are her family but never really understood her the way her mother and Wentworth did. The family is meanwhile trying to figure out where all the money went and how to pay the debts after her mother's death.


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The movie shifts to the reunion of Anne with Wentworth during her visit to her sister Mary's house. Wentworth is struck with surprise to see her there and is not sure of what to say to her. The same night the whole family has a gala dinner at their farmhouse and Anne sees that Loisa, one of Mary's sister in law, is flirting with Wentworth. Anne gets visibly frustrated and is not sure what to do but just flows along with the moment. During the course of her trip, she sees Wentworth and Louisa get close but on a sudden occasion, Louisa takes a fall and endures a concussion.

A still from 'Persuasion' (Netflix)

The movie eventually shifts where sometime later Anne hears the news of them getting engaged. This breaks her but she makes up her mind to not let it show. However, the universe has something else in store for her. One day Anne's sister Mary and her husband suddenly arrive at her place in Bath and ask her to go along with them to Lyme for a few days just as a sweet reunion. She hesitates but then agrees. There she sees Wentworth who is busy writing letters to everyone before he leaves for his next voyage.


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During the stay, Anne talks to one of Wentworth's Navy friends from whom she finds out that Louisa has now fallen in love with the doctor that treated her throughout her ailment. This news makes Anne absolutely awestruck and just then she finds the letter that Wentworth wrote for her. The letter was a bitter-sweet symbolization of how Wentworth felt about Anne. He confessed his love for her and went about writing about how he thinks "It's okay to find love on your terms, however unorthodox".

A still from 'Persuasion' (Netflix)

This makes Anne cry in tears of joy and she runs to find him. The two eventually reunite at the end of the movie, sitting in their favorite spot and talking to each other about the adventures that are soon to come.