'Perry Mason' Episode 7 promo teases shocking revelations about church, Alice's past and the murder

The penultimate episode of 'Perry Mason' will see some shocking revelations not only about Charlie Dodson's case but also about the church and Sister Alice

                            'Perry Mason' Episode 7 promo teases shocking revelations about church, Alice's past and the murder
Gayle Rankin as Emily Dodson (HBO)

The promo of 'Perry Mason' Episode 7 is out and it shows how Mason is going to have a tough fight in court. After a witness said that Emily Dodson, Charlie Dodson's mother confessed to being a part of a kidnapping and killing her son, Mason has to bring his A-game to the court and from the looks of it, the only trick up his sleeve turns out to be the lead that Pete had found out. There seems to a connection between the church and the kidnapping that took place and Pete has figured all of that out by following the lead of Detective Ennis' connection to the Polish kidnappers who were shot down. 

While Mason attempts at uncovering this conspiracy theory by putting one of the members of the church on the witness box, the promo also shows Mason having a really tough time as people from different quarters of the society begin to question his intentions behind defending Emily. In fact, at one point, he is pushed to the corner enough to yell out loud that all that he had tried to do so far was to save a woman's life. 

Then we have Alice who has been trying hard to bring Charlie back from the dead while putting up a fight with her mother. She also seems to have a past that must have led her to become the person that she is today. In fact, the promo also features a scene between Alice and her mother sitting down for dinner and as they share a meal, Alice is lost in the past. She remembers one particular moment from the past and is lost completely and her mother who notices tries to catch her attention by asking Alice what she is thinking of. 

The answer that she gets is that Alice is now wondering what God's plan for the future is. She has sided with Emily, who is being accused of taking part in the kidnapping and killing of her son. Doubts on her leadership in the church are being cast by people who do not want Alice to continue speaking about bringing Charlie back from the dead and amid all of this, Emily is waiting to be proved that she is not guilty of all the accusations that are being cast on her. She even says in the promo that she is waiting for the entire town to apologize to her. Will Mason really be able to pull this feat off?

New episodes of 'Perry Mason' will air on Sunday at 9 pm ET on HBO. 

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