'Perry Mason' Episode 2: Fans love the gruesome, gritty episode that delves into the detective's past

Episode 2 has impressed fans with its gritty portrayal of Mason's time during World War I and the investigation in the present

                            'Perry Mason' Episode 2: Fans love the gruesome, gritty episode that delves into the detective's past
Juliet Rylance and Matthew Rhys (HBO)

'Perry Mason' Episode 2 has impressed fans with the way it portrays Emily Dodson's (Gayle Rankin) grief in parallel to Mason's past, which has left him with guilt. The episode has also received a more positive reaction than the premiere episode as fans feel that the premiere should have been kickstarted with two episodes. Fans are also extremely excited about the cast of the show, especially since Stephen Root walked in to play the prosecuting attorney in the show. 

One fan wrote, "I'm finding #PerryMasonHBO much more compelling than I had been expecting, after reading some of the reviews. But they all got one thing right: it is a stunningly gorgeous looking production. Stephen Root is always a scene-stealer. And Matthew Rhys continues his outstanding work." One fan also asked for a show with John Lithgow and Root. The fan wrote, "Can I have a whole season of #JohnLithgow and #StephenRoot going up against each other in a 30s courtroom? #PerryMasonHBO." Another fan wrote, "New Perry Mason is so good. I used to watch OG Perry Mason with my Babi when I'd visit for extended periods of time and has since held a special place in my heart. We have the whole series on dvd. While entirely different, I think my Babi would be down for #PerryMasonHBO."

Fans have also been raving about the production value of the show. One fan wrote, "#PerryMason #PerryMasonHBO @PerryMasonHBO Every single penny that was spent on this series is worth it. Every single shot is well thought out and calculated. I wonder how many times did they have to shoot the same shot over and over again until they got it perfect."

Some have also commented on the pace of the episode and one fan observed, "#PerryMason #PerryMasonHBO @PerryMasonHBO At this point I am used to slow introduction to the season. That is how most of the critically acclaimed TV shows are these days. Especially when this is just the beginning of the series so characters have to be introduced and explained." One of the viewers wrote, "Yes second episode of #PerryMasonHBO #PerryMason is much better than the first one. This is why I thought that last week's series premiere should have been given 2 episodes."

One fan who loves the show, however, couldn't understand why the show was called Perry Mason and wrote, "I have liked the first 2 episodes of @HBO's new #PerryMasonHBO but what the hell does an early Great Depression-era WWI vet with PTSD working as a private detective in LA have to do with a '57 to '66 tv show about a defense attorney other than the fact it's in the same city?"

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