'Perpetual Grace, LTD' finale's cliffhanger ending leaves us wondering if James ruins the plan after seeing his dad in a spacesuit at the funeral

In the 'Perpetual Grace, LTD' finale, we see James catch a glimpse of his father in a spacesuit, right before he puts the finishing touches to conning Byron Brown and his wife Lillian Brown

                            'Perpetual Grace, LTD' finale's cliffhanger ending leaves us wondering if James ruins the plan after seeing his dad in a spacesuit at the funeral

In the finale of 'Perpetual Grace LTD', the show builds up to explore if James (Jimmi Simpson), Paul Allen Brown (Damon Herriman), New Leaf [soon to be Space Junk] (Chris Conrad), Scotty Sholes (Hana Mae Lee) and Glenn Pirdoo (Dash Williams) succeed in conning Byron (Ben Kingsley) and his wife Lillian Brown (Jacki Weaver).

They are planning on getting Paul Allen’s girlfriend Valerie Spoonts (Dana DeLorenzo) to reach out to Hector Gonzales and Felipe Guillermo Usted to make sure that Byron stays on the other side of the border while they organize a funeral with the death certificate that Felipe acquires. The bodies that Paul Allen and his team plan on using are that of New Leaf’s parents.

Ben Kingsley and Jimmi Simpson in 'Perpetual Grace, LTD'. (Source: Epix)

Of course, things don’t go according to plan when James and the others realize that Byron is now in the custody of the cartel because he killed the Boss Lady’s son with his shoe — something that occurred in the initial episodes of the show. James' conscience doesn't let him leave Byron to meet his end at the hands of the cartel. So he forces Hector Gonzales to save him.

Hector, of course, doesn't want to leave his wife and kids now that he has found his happy place with them ironically with the help of Byron. He does it anyway because he cannot in good faith let Byron die. All these people who get a sudden sense of what is right and wrong do not understand that Byron operates on a different level.

He is not in danger, but anyone who does cross paths with him is. He not only manages to kill the guy who was expected to take Byron out, but he also shoots Hector in the process and rides away with his wife Lillian. Now, will it be a happy ride into the sunset? Knowing the characters of 'Perpetual Grace, LTD' — that is highly unlikely.

Damon Herriman in 'Perpetual Grace, LTD'. (Source: Epix)

On the other hand, we have Paul, James, Glenn, New Leaf and Scotty trying to pass off New Leaf's parents' bodies as that of Byron and Lillian's. They made all the arrangements and they expect everything to take place without a hiccup, but again, when have their plans ever worked out? Valerie is in Mexico, arranging for the death certificate which will help in the funeral and to withdraw all the money that Byron and Lillian have saved up so far. However, things take an interesting turn when James spots a man in a spacesuit in the middle of the funeral.

In an emotional moment, after hearing James' sad story about how his father never picks his call, Glenn decides to pay him a visit and give him a piece of his mind. He convinces James' father to travel with him and he hops on for the ride in his spacesuit. And just then, the frame freezes and it is goodbye. So what happens to James? Do they convince the ranger Wesley Walker (Terry O'Quinn) that Paul is innocent in the case of the murdered child? Do they successfully finish the con job and will Byron and Lillian make it in time to learn that the entire thing was planned by their son? We do not know. Epix has not announced a season 2 for the show so far so we will just have to wait and watch.

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