Perez Hilton calls Lady Gaga 'fake' for tossing him aside after use, Internet dubs him 'desperate for attention'

'How she treated me wasn't how you treat someone close to your heart... It felt like a breakup, like I was dumped by my wife'

                            Perez Hilton calls Lady Gaga 'fake' for tossing him aside after use, Internet dubs him 'desperate for attention'
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Perez Hilton is not swallowing words while talking about his former flame Lady Gaga as he called her “fake” and claimed he was “used” by her. The blogger and the singer-songwriter met in 2008 and came so close that Hilton started referring to her as “wifey". But things turned sour in 2011 and their closeness ended. Now, Hilton has opened about his fallout with the star in his new book, titled ‘TMI: My Life In Scandal’.

Writing for The Sun, journalist Dan Wootton said the 42-year-old spoke with him on talkRADIO's Drive Time show and said: “At the time, I was incredibly disliked by celebrities. So if a star wanted to be my friend, I believed them. I didn't question them, I was naive in thinking their motives were pure and their intentions are true. After Gaga and I had our falling out, it became apparent to me, wow, she was just using me. And when she didn't need me anymore, after she became the biggest pop star on the planet, she tossed me aside — that hurt.

“However, now that many years have passed, I only look back on that era with pride. I was a part of something special, I saw something in her before most people and I played a big part in helping her. I also have a lot of empathy now and compassion for what she was going through. Dealing with drugs and alcohol as she's talked about, and becoming the biggest pop star on the planet and having it happen so quickly."

A 2013 interview showed Gaga blaming Hilton for the differences between them and told Howard Stern that he called her third album, ‘Born This Way’, a failure. “He was supposed to be my friend and I felt betrayed, so I started crying,” the ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ singer said, adding: “I looked at him and said, 'Just because you are who you are, does not mean that our friendship doesn't mean anything when the cameras turn on. So, now I see who you really.' And I was done after that."

When Hilton was told about Gaga’s statement, he denied being fake. He added: “It's the craziest thing to me because I am all about keeping it real and being honest. She is the fake one. For a long time, she definitely had this public persona of being so magnanimous and privately she was not that, talking smack of other pop stars. Just look at her career. She no longer works with her former manager. That's not very common: Adele still works with her manager, Katy Perry is with the same manager, Justin Bieber still with the same manager.

“She's no longer with the same stylist or creative director or makeup person. That entire team who was part of those first few years she's ditched them all for various reasons. I was the most loyal, the biggest cheerleader, a true friend. How she treated me wasn't how you treat someone close to your heart. I was hurt how she treated me. It felt like a breakup. Like I was dumped by my wife, I called her my wifey that's how close we were."

A number of people on the internet reacted to Hilton’s claims as one tweeted: “You're really desperate for attention, aren't you?” A second user said, “Perez Hilton is an unethical, abusive, opportunistic bully who told fake 'drug' lies about Ariana Grande, belittled Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears & demeaned Justin Bieber w fake 'meth head' claims when JB was actually suffering from Lyme disease & mono. The list goes on.” "Ten years later a washed up bully still trying to make a living off @ladygaga. How’s that working out @PerezHilton? Garbage person who deserves everything he gets. Especially when he clearly hasn’t learned a thing," a third user added.





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