People's Choice Awards 2019: BTS fan army gets #ThePeopleChooseBTS trending on Twitter for K-pop group's three nominations this year

Fans explain why they want K-Pop band BTS to win at the People's Choice Awards 2019.

                            People's Choice Awards 2019: BTS fan army gets #ThePeopleChooseBTS trending on Twitter for K-pop group's three nominations this year

The People’s Choice Awards 2019 is airing on E! at Santa Monica and the anticipation is reaching a feverish pitch. What’s more interesting? Social media fans are rooting for popular K-Pop band BTS to win big at the award show.

BTS has been nominated in three categories, ‘Group of 2019’, ‘ Music Video of 2019, and ‘Concert Tour of 2019’. Fans are praying that BTS wins at the award show. The hashtag #PeopleChooseBTS is currently trending on Twitter.

One zealous fan wrote, “I choose BTS because of their undeniable talent and artistry, genuine compassion for others, authenticity and humbleness, strong work ethic, and remarkable love and appreciation for ARMY. #ThePeopleChooseBTS.” Another observed that ‘BTS had paved the way for many’. “The only South Korean group to sell out stadiums worldwide. BTS paved the way for so many.”

Explaining their insisting on choosing the band, another fan remarked:  “Because BTS didn’t ask us to choose them, they asked us to choose ourselves.” Yet another person explained why they prefer the band, “I chose them because of their passion, because of their music, because of their talent, because of their story, because of their dreams, because of who they are, and because of who they want to be.” 

There were many other reasons as well. A fan also said that BTS had broken language and cultural barriers. “A Korean band that broke language and cultural barriers and managed to spread their message and music worldwide despite starting from a Korean smaller firm.” Praising the band for their commitment, another fan wrote, “#ThePeopleChooseBTS because of their humility, sincerity, and commitment to spreading meaningful  & heartfelt messages through their artistry and music.” 

Echoing thousands of other fans' thoughts, an ardent fan explained how BTS had taught them to love themselves. “#ThePeopleChooseBTS because its not just about the music... they taught us how to love ourselves, how to feel happy when we’re down and they are an inspiration to us all.” 

The 'People's Choice's Awards 2019' is airing on E! 

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