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'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 1: Who shot Thomas Wayne at the end of Season 1 after Raven Society's fall?

'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 1 will air on December 13 and the show will see a one-year time jump take place with Alfred returning as the owner of a Burlesque club
Jack Bannon as Alfred and Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne (EPIX)
Jack Bannon as Alfred and Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne (EPIX)

Spoilers for 'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 1

At the end of 'Pennyworth' Season 1, we had seen how Alfred had managed to save the Queen from his father's traps while Thomas Wayne was shot by an unidentified assailant. It was heavily hinted that at the end of the season that the Raven Society too had taken a massive dent as well.

However, the fact that Lord James Harwood is in jail along with his cohorts Bet Sykes and Francis Gaunt discussing future plans is something to make note of. Especially the fact that Harwood believed that this is not their end but is in fact an opportunity is clearly the one clue that we received about how Season 2 of the show will proceed.

When the premiere episode of 'Pennyworth' Season 2 kicks off, nothing is as one would have expected. Turns out, in the one year since Alfred had saved the Queen and in the one year that Thomas Wayne had been shot, a lot has changed. Thomas had left London after sustaining the gunshot wound and only returned recently.

The identity behind the unknown assailant is not addressed and it is left unanswered until the very end of the episode. This makes us wonder. Will there be an expanded plotline that will take us back to the past to show us who was behind the attack? If not, this unanswered question may turn out to be the biggest turn off about the show since its premiere in 2019. 

Then there is the Raven Society itself which has since the beginning been trying its best to take over the British government. It was in this attempt that Harwood had got Bet to kidnap the Queen who had been rescued but the attempt made clearly showed what the Raven Society's intentions were.

Even if momentarily, Harwood had managed to be named the Prime Minister of the country before Queen's escape. Having been jailed, however, one would have assumed that the Raven Society would have put a pause on the plan but turns out they more powerful than ever.

In the year after Harwood had been jailed, not only has the Raven Society grown more powerful with the only English stronghold in the country being London. Right about now, you must be wondering what Alfred is doing amid all this! He is busy earning money and playing both sides of the war. 

'Pennyworth' Season 2 episodes will air on Sundays at 9 pm ET on Epix.