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'I saw bright light': Woman recalls surreal moment she 'met God' after falling into coma

After suffering anaphylaxis it seemed like Penny Wittbrodt wouldn't make it, but what happened next was unbelievable: Wittbrodt’s soul left her body
UPDATED OCT 10, 2022
Penny Wittbrodt, a 52-year-old retired nurse, often talks about her near-death experience on podcasts and interviews (Penny Wittbrodt/Facebook)
Penny Wittbrodt, a 52-year-old retired nurse, often talks about her near-death experience on podcasts and interviews (Penny Wittbrodt/Facebook)

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY: Penny Wittbrodt, a retired nurse from Kentucky claims to have "met God" as she slipped into a coma. The 52-year-old said that she had a near-death experience after suffering anaphylaxis. During the bizarre rendezvous, the nurse claims to meet God and receive answers to all the questions that had bothered her throughout her life.

According to New York Post, Wittbrodt, who is allergic to consuming shellfish, was rushed to the hospital in 2014 and 2016 after experiencing difficulty breathing and swallowing. At this point, Wittbrodt claimed her soul left her body, and she looked at herself and said: "Man, who is that girl? She's pretty sick."


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In an interview with, the nurse said while she was in a coma, she saw a 'bright light' before her grandmother's spirit appeared and telepathically told her to remain calm. Wittbrodt recalled: "I'm so relieved that someone's there, and I'm not alone." Further, Wittbrodt stated, "Time here [on Earth] is so structured, and time there really gets away from you." Wittbrodt also spoke about some of her bitter experiences in life where she felt she was all alone, including her divorce. 


She stated that her husband left her when she was just babies, "Watching those kids talk to him on the telephone and then go to the mailbox every day to check for a gift that he said he was going to send," the nurse said. Wittbrodt also recalled seeing yellow flowers during this unrealistic encounter, she said, "Each flower has its own vibration, and its own song, and its own smell and taste. And you don’t have to get near it to experience it."


Wittbrodt also complained to god for making her go through all the hardships in her life. She asked God why they allowed her children to suffer and stated that she had received the answers to all her questions. Wittbrodt also understood that the suffering in this world would be rewarded in the afterlife. The retired nurse would also see glimpses of the future, where her son, David, was watching his son play soccer. "Mom, I'm going to be the dad to him that I deserved," she heard him say in another world.


Wittbrodt was anxious to return to the real world around her, and she claims that after she woke up from her coma, she cured her anaphylaxis. The former nurse talks about her surreal experience in podcasts and through various social media platforms. Further, she claimed, "I try to remind people that because before you came, you knew what traumas you were going to face." The nurse also stated, "We're meant to move forward, meet challenges, and share kindness."