'Penny Dreadful: City of Angels': Powerful finale leaves fans impressed as they can't wait for Season 2

Fans are partly heartbroken with the finale's events, but are eager for a Season 2

                            'Penny Dreadful: City of Angels': Powerful finale leaves fans impressed as they can't wait for Season 2

Spoilers for 'Penny Dreadful: City of Angels' Season 1 Episode 10 'Day of the Dead'

The season finale for 'Penny Dreadful: City of Angels' hit fans hard, with some major character deaths, a depressing win for the bad guys, powerful performances and a message against hatred that still resonates nearly a century after when the show is set. Fans online loved the end to the season and can't wait for Season 2 to be announced.

"This show came up at the right time, those who didn't understand discrimination finally did. And what amazing acting, the feels, the chills. We have to see you soon," says one fan, Twitter. "This series was fantastic! It deserves a second season. Please give it a chance," pleads a tweet. "Great finale....depressing at the same time but great. Can't wait for season 2!" says this viewer. "The @SHO_Penny Dreadful: City of Angels finale was epic!!! I need a season 2 ASAP and we better get it!" insists another fan. 

"I had qualms/criticisms with it at first too, but the last few episodes came together really well, and even addressed some of those issues for me, particularly with characterization. The finale was powerful (and upsetting, I teared up multiple times? help). They deserve a S2 to explore the story further!" writes one viewer on Reddit. One fan writes about how well the show holds up, despite it being so different from the original 'Penny Dreadful' series, writing, "Even though I disliked a few routes in certain narratives throughout this season, this episode really cemented things for me. To me, it was absolutely incredible. Tragic. Moving. Heartbreaking. And thus reminiscent of the original series. I know, I know. Of course this new one is much different from its predecessor, but I'm truly happy for what we got. Quite a pleasant surprise for me." 

"There’s so much to unpack in this finale. I thought it was equally as good if not better than any of the original PD episodes. Logan did a masterful job tying up all his dangling plot lines while making room for a second season," writes this viewer. Overall, fans seem to be satisfied, albeit a little heartbroken with how the season ended, with one viewer writing, "I hope the show is renewed. I would definitely watch a second season. There is a lot more to learn about Santa Muerte, Magda, Tiago, and what roles they have in all of this. However, if it's not, enough loose threads are tied up, it is a satisfying ending."

One fan notes just how relevant the show is in today's times. "If only all of this was scary historical relic with a small supernatural twist. I'm sure they had no idea how prescient the themes of the show would be when they wrote/filmed it (not that any of this is new, obviously, but the reality of it hit home even more). It's eerie how closely it echoes the times, and devastating to realize that our past and our present are much nearer in alignment than most of us would hope." 

This was the final episode of 'Penny Dreadful: City of Angels' Season 1. 

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