Who is Seth Taylor? Video shows Wilkinsburg cop PUNCHING BLM protester after they laid hands on him

The incident took place over the weekend during a rally to protest against Jim Rogers' death

                            Who is Seth Taylor? Video shows Wilkinsburg cop PUNCHING BLM protester after they laid hands on him
Seth Taylor, the cop who punched a protester (screenshot from alchemicalmedia/YouTube)

A viral video showed a police officer from Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, punching a protester in the face and knocking him on the street. Demonstrators in the area brawled with police and refused to let go. The incident took place over the weekend, between April 16-17, during a rally to protest against Jim Rogers' death. The cop has been identified as Seth Taylor, a three-year member of the Wilkinsburg Police Department.

Rogers, a homeless man, died in 2021 after the Pittsburgh police tased him constantly. The Justice for Jim Rogers organization called for firing and charges to be filed against officers, authorities, and Emergency Medical Services workers who were involved on the day Rogers was arrested.


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Who is Vuestro Merced? Viral footage catches BLM protester being punched by cop

The protest march commenced from Pittsburgh and crossed into Wilkinsburg. The viral video showed Wilkinsburgh where protesters were made to stop at an intersection and block traffic. At the same time, a police officer - Seth Taylor - yelled on a loudspeaker and said "it's an unlawful assembly" and warned that protesters "will be arrested" if they do not keep the march moving forward. 

As this happened, several protesters converged upon a police vehicle and abused the officer verbally. Things like "F**k you!" and "Let her speak!" and "We're not scared of you!" could be heard. As the police officer could not get the protesters to disperse from the intersection, he called his colleagues for help. The clip shows that when police tried to move in and arrest some of the protesters, a scuffle broke out. It was when a police officer appears to punch a protestor's face. 


The protester who got punched has been identified as Vuestro Merced. Based on an editorial by Post Gazette, "Vuestro Merced then shoved Officer Taylor, who responded with a left cross that knocked the protester to the ground." It was later revealed that Merced was released from police custody. It is uncertain whether or not there were charges applied.

The Mayor of Wilkinsburg Dontae Conman said in a statement after the incident, "The footage being shared shows what we do not want to see or experience when a community is expressing its hurt over police sanctioned violence...I have been in touch with the police chief and our officers body cameras were on, which will be used to investigate next steps.”

Despite the punch, Taylor received praise on social media. A tweet went like, "BEST THING I'VE SEEN IN TWO YEARS. Black cop delivers well earned punch to white BLM protestor. Friend yells "You are hurting THEM!!" Reporter says he likes Turtles!"


Another said, "You can bet your last dollar that if that cop were white the "protester" lunging at the cop would not be mentioned and the picture would be of the protester when he was in 8th grade."


One user said, "Guess you missed where the police office was assaulted first & was defending himself"


Another user shared, "Traffic shld be thick in that area on a Saturday afternoon. Where's all the traffic? Did the abusers organize to shut down vehicle traffic to those intersections or something? Before they killed Jim Rodgers, didn't they "bum roll" him a few times? Take down that Blue Wall, br".


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