TV presenter mocked for wearing 'penis-shaped' jacket during news broadcast

TV presenter mocked for wearing 'penis-shaped' jacket during news broadcast

In 2016, newsreader Natarsha Belling of Ten Eyewitness News in Australia wore a jacket that some sharp-eyed viewers referred to as the "penis-shaped" jacket. It was named so for the extremely unfortunate neckline and soon went viral across the world. The jacket has now made a comeback and, this time, Channel 9 presenter Samantha Heathwood was the one who wore it during a broadcast on January 9. reported that the placement of Heathwood's white top underneath the jacket made the outerwear look even more obscene. The jacket is otherwise normal to look at except the rounded collar at the shoulders and the elongated drop in the chest area.


Hilarious memes started flowing in soon after the broadcast as viewers took to social media to post pictures of the two newsreaders side-by-side wearing the jacket and joked that it was a "d*** move" for the channel to make Heathwood wear the jacket.

One user said: "Well, it’s pointing in the right direction!" Another commented: "Woah that’s even worse than before … this time spillage." Not everyone on social media agreed as one person wrote: "Who the hell notices this sh*t". Another spoke up for Heathwood and said: "You people are so catty; so what, it looks good on her!"

Triple M pointed out in their post that the wardrobe department hoped viewers would've forgotten about the jacket. They wrote: "Someone in the wardrobe department probably (thought): 'It’s been a couple years, no one will notice'."

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This is definitely not the first time that the green jacket by Australian designer Scanlan Theodore has been worn by newsreaders. In 2016, Natarsha Belling wore the exact same green jacket while she was presenting the weekend bulletin. A screenshot of the incident was shared on social media and instantly went viral.

Some other newsreaders who were caught in the fashion faux pas included Melissa Doyle, a former Channel Seven newsreader, Eva Milic of Channel Nine in 2014 with a maroon version of the jacket, and ABC's Leigh Sales wore a similar jacket in white back in 2010.

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