Pedophile who posed as single mother and induced parents to abuse their own kids jailed

Pedophile who posed as single mother and induced parents to abuse their own kids jailed

Samraj Kundi, a 29-year-old from Baildon, West Yorkshire, has been arrested for inciting parents to abuse their own kids while posing as a single mother on an online platform. A report by Independent revealed that he had already been arrested earlier and served a two-year prison sentence but had gone back to his old ways within three months of his release.

At a hearing in Bradford Crown Court, it was revealed that Kundi had set up an online group platform called 'Open Minded Parents' where he used to interact with other parents. He used to pose as a single mother from Liverpool who abused her own child and his online avatar was named Mistress Sarah.

His method of operation involved chatting to parents and trying to find those who could be potentially manipulated to abuse their own children. He would then post suggestive messages and try to encourage them to commit the act. His primary targets were like-minded pedophiles who would get encouraged by his suggestions and go on to abuse their own kids.

Kundi was caught by an undercover cop who went online and chatted with him. He said things like he was "into action, not fantasy" and also that he "plays with" his two-year-old daughter at night. His Skype chats had numerous messages encouraging other parents to do the same as well.

Prior to his arrest, he had already served a two-year sentence and was released in April 2016. His earlier arrest was due to the distribution of indecent images. Prosecutors believe that he became active within three months of his release. In the current case, he has pleaded guilty to 12 charges of intentionally facilitating the commission of child sex offences. He has also pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching the Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Judge David Hatton QC said, "This was a course of conduct involving various chats online in which you encouraged the commission of vile offenses against children." His lawyers, on the other hand, claim that he had stopped offending but had relapsed due to anxiety and low mood. His lawyer added that Kundi hails from "a thoroughly reputable family who are devastated by his behavior and have to carry the stigma."

His current prison sentence is for five-and-a-half years. After his release, he will be on a six-year license period where his activities would be monitored for relapse or breaches.

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