'Peaky Blinders': The two times Thomas Shelby was an absolute sweetheart

Thomas Shelby rarely smiles, but when he does something unlikely of him, it is one of the sweetest things on the show

                            'Peaky Blinders': The two times Thomas Shelby was an absolute sweetheart

Thomas Shelby, the clan leader of the Peaky Blinders, is not the most polite man on earth, certainly not the kind to charm with his sweetness but one who would rather seduce you with his well-articulated, merciless statements.

That is right, Thomas Shelby is by far the worst man to go around with, but the women who have known him closely have always seen him as an organized civil man, who was compelled to endure hardships  and was never rewarded for them.

The show returns in late spring of 2019, when Thomas will encounter one of his deadliest enemies, and who will hail from Glasgow with a vendetta to bring down the Shelbys. 

In spite of his garb as the unforgiving anti-hero, Thomas Shelby has had moments when we couldn't help but feel sorry for him. A man who had to leave his family to help his comrades at war and only returned suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Thomas heavily relies on cocaine to give him some relief from his tormenting thoughts about the collapsing tunnel and how he had to cut his way through it in order save himself from dying of breathlessness.

Thomas treats women with the least respect and they are nothing more than objects of pleasure for him. 

For the most part, Thomas was a ruthless man but at times he was strangely affectionate. (IMDb)
For the most part, Thomas was a ruthless man but at times he was strangely affectionate. (IMDb)

However, every now and then he has done things which have not only won our hearts but is actually kind of sweet when it comes from a man as ruthless as Thomas Shelby. Here are the top moments when Thomas swept us off our feet with his sweetness:

1. Talking to his son

Thomas was never particularly fond of anything but his business. Even when he started a family with Grace, he was not exactly a devoted member of the family, but rather a man who owned it. Thomas barely spends any time with his son, but following Grace's death in the first episode of the third season, he displays a certain weakness and is stricken by grief for a some time. In a scene from the second episode of the third season, Thomas sits in front of the caravan telling his son his plans of going to the Black Mountains. His son who was barely a year old at the time hands him over a twig which Thomas begins to chew. 

Thomas makes some secret confessions to Charlie. (IMDb)
Thomas makes some secret confessions to Charlie. (IMDb)

He, then, has a brief conversation with his son, Charlie, when he tells him that his mother had gone and "there are few things that (they) need to get straight".

He confides with Charlie that he wants to "keep things the way they are", and confesses that he is not good enough. At that moment, Cillian Murphy's pitiless expression brought out the vulnerable side of Thomas, which apart from his infant son, only Grace had seen. 

2. A Gift for Polly

Thomas and Polly have always been at odds with each other in spite of their shared hold over the family. Thomas certainly is the leader of the clan, but it is Polly from whom he seeks all advice and then contradicts them only to realize that they both judge a situation differently.

The biggest instance appeared when Thomas went to inform Michael about his mother, Polly, but asked Polly to stay away from Michael. While Polly immediately wished to go and meet him, Thomas insisted upon her staying low since times were bad and she should let Michael come to her when he thinks fit. 

Thomas also bought a home for Polly to stay with her son. Although the two constantly contradict each other, they both know that they can only trust each other. Thomas gifted Polly her son back, and although he had his own motives behind it, he let Polly have her share of happiness.