Peaky Blinders Season 5 preview: Three burning questions that need to be answered in the upcoming season

Season 4 saw Thomas rise from being a wanted gangster to a member of Parliament, and Season 5 is all set to bring some new troubles his way.

                            Peaky Blinders Season 5 preview: Three burning questions that need to be answered in the upcoming season

BBC One crime drama 'Peaky Blinders' has wrapped up its shooting for Season 5 and is all set to release on the channel sometime in late Spring this year.

It has also been revealed that after Season 4, which was released on Netflix in December last year, Season 5 will air on the streaming platform sometime in September this year. As none of the dates have been mentioned, it can be said that the show will continue to run towards the end of May as it had done with the previous seasons. 

Starring Cillian Murphy (as Thomas Shelby), Paul Anderson (as Arthur Shelby), Joe Cole (as John Shelby), Helen McCrory (as Aunt Polly), and Natasha O'Keefe (as Lizzie Stark), 'Peaky Blinders' follows the infamous Birmingham gang who are notorious for slitting the eyes of their enemies with the blades attached to their blinder caps. Season 5 of the Steven Knight-created show will see the Shelbys reaching up in the social ladder, as Thomas takes up his place in politics. Before the show hits the waves, here are three burning questions we have for season 5:


1. What's up with Thomas Shelby? 

By the end of Season 4, Thomas was elected as a Member of the Parliament heading the Communist party, and chances are Season 5 will probably start with Thomas' newfound glory as a politician.

However, the question remains if Thomas will be able to take up his responsibility as a politician and not misuse his place to only legitimize his family's business. The Shelbys are known to deal in automobiles, a business that was started with their illegal fortune which they extracted from a gambling business. In Season 4, it was revealed, Thomas took up the step to become a politician in order to save his family from being arrested.

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Season 5 will probably see him taking up responsibilities as a politician while maintaining his place as the head of the family. It would be interesting to see how Thomas controls the violent nature of his brothers who don't mind pulling the trigger at the tiniest instigation. 

2. Do we see Alfie, John, and May?

Sadly, no. Both Alfie Solomons (played by Tom Hardy) and John were killed off in Season 4. While John died under unfortunate circumstance, being killed in an ambush by Luca Changretta's men, Alfie asked Thomas to kill him as he did not want to die of some disease like skin cancer. On the other hand, fan-favorite May, the bold rich lady who is not scared of treading on the other side, will probably not return since Thomas is now busy establishing his family with Lizzie and their son. Charlotte Riley, who played the character of May had indicated that there are little chances of May returning as Thomas' love-interest in the fifth season.

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She had said, "I don't think that my character will be coming back. I mean, I would go back in a heartbeat [if asked], because I just love it so much." So, season 5 will basically not have three extremely interesting characters coming back and we hope that there are better replacements. 

3. What's new then?

A plethora of new characters is all set to walk into Birmingham. Along with the rest of the old cast (except Joe Cole), the Shelbys will be joined by characters played by Anya-Taylor Joy, Sam Claflin, Emmett J. Scanlan, Brian Gleeson, Kate Dickie, and singer-songwriter Cosmo Jarvis, are all set to feature, as well as Daryl McCormack, Andrew Koji, Elliot Cowan, Charlene McKenna, and Neil Maskell. 

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The show is also set to follow a new plot. Knight has plans of stretching the incidents in the period between the two wars, with the series finale taking place as the first air raid of World War II strikes Birmingham. However, before that Thomas Shelby has some more enemies to face and this time his enemy will be someone from Glasgow. The 59-year-old director has indicated that the legendary Glasgow razor gang boss Billy Fullerton will serve as the basic inspiration in sketching out the new villain "who comes south to claim territory".

The director has stated, "We have someone playing a fictionalized version of a real Glasgow character who was around in east Glasgow, Billy Fullerton. The man who ran the Billy Boys. Truth be told the Glasgow gangs were pretty much the most feared so I thought it was time we went north of the border. It’s due to be aired in late spring. It’ll be the best yet.”

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