'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Michael Grey might just be Tommy's wild-card

'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Michael Grey might just be Tommy's wild-card

Michael Grey (Finn cole) is very unlike his two cousins -- Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) and John Shelby (Joe Cole), who are short-tempered and ready to brawl at the least instigations.

However, he certainly has the potential of being a lot like his third cousin, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who is the head of the peaky blinders and is known for sensitive nature and sly tactics.

Michael went from being the sheep to the wolf, and although his mother, Polly (Helen McCrory), disapproved of him joining the peaky blinders, the central gang in BBC One's titular show, Michael went on to become the Shelby Company's chief accountant, just like his mother. 

We were intorduced to Michael in Season 2, when Thomas first appeared at his foster parents' door step in a quiet village, and informed Michael about his mother who was still under the impression that her son was dead.


Following their brief encounter, Michael set out to meet Polly in Birmingham, and he was soon attracted to the glittering violence of Small Heath. Although Polly persuaded him to return to his village, Michael claimed, "In my village, there's this little wishing well. It's made of white bricks, right in the middle of the village green. Everybody says how pretty it is. But I swear to God, if I spend another day in that village, I'm going to blow it up with dynamite. Probably blow my hands off with it, but it'd be worth it. Just to see all those pretty white bricks spread over the pretty village green."

Michael ran away from his village to join the violent lifestyle of the Peaky Blinders. (IMDb)
Michael ran away from his village to join the violent lifestyle of the Peaky Blinders. (IMDb)


Michael was immediately introduced to the family, and being closer of age to John he soon developed a bond with the youngest Shelby cousin. Michael became a part of Thomas' plans, and he began to serve as a helper to Thomas, if not as an accomplice.


However, over the course of the show Michael shed off his shy demure and soon turned out to be just as scheming and artful as any of his Shelby cousins. However, Michael's plight became a concern for Polly, and as Luca Changretta's (Adrian Brody) men began to attack the Shelby family, Thomas compelled Michael to leave for New York where he would have some "serious business to attend".

That was it, we did not see Michael for the rest of the show but towards the end we were told that he would return. 

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Considering that Thomas is set to meet his archenemy, Billy Fullerton, and the Billy Boys from Glasgow in Season 5, Michael might just have a huge role to play. Michael had gone to New York to meet with all the mafia families who were against the Changretta family, and, according to Thomas' command he signed business deals with them.


He was also responsible for expanding the Shelby alcohol business and supplying barrels of gin to the mafia lords. While in Season 4, this piece of information was more than enough to bring Luca Changretta down to his knees, Michael's association with the New York gangs might just help Thomas, once again, to defeat another of his enemies. 

Check Michael's encounter with Luca below:

Though no official date of the release of Season 5 has yet been confirmed, creator Steven Knight's 'Peaky Blinders' is likely to return this year in spring on BBC One. 

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