'Peaky Blinders' behind-the-scene stills reveal Arthur's intentions for the Shelby family in upcoming season 5

Director of 'Peaky Blinders' Anthony Byrne took to Instagram to share two interesting stills that feature Arthur, Finn, Linda and a new character

                            'Peaky Blinders' behind-the-scene stills reveal Arthur's intentions for the Shelby family in upcoming season 5

'Peaky Blinders' season 5 is expected to hit screens late Spring, and director Anthony Byrne has whet the appetites of fans by sharing a couple of behind-the-scenes stills featuring Arthur, Finn, Linda and an all-new character.

The stills were shared on Byrne's Instagram page, and the presence of a new character was immediately noticed by fans who started speculating about what it meant in the scheme of the show. And that prompted our speculative juices flowing too, and here's what we think the stills indicate!



Towards the end of season 4, we saw the youngest Shelby kill for the first time and it was one of the Luca Changretta's men. It was done in true Peaky Blinder style and was an initiation of sorts for Finn Shelby. In continuation, he will play an important role in the upcoming season as seen in one of the two images.



He along with Arthur is seen meeting a man, the new character everyone is speculating about, and who we guess is from the Irish Republic Army (IRA).

It indicates that in the coming season, Tommy Shelby will continue his loyal association with the IRA, while also being a Member of the Parliament and the president of the Communist Party.

How he will use his connections is something that we will have to wait and see, but we know that Arthur and Finn will take over the Peaky Blinder side of the business as they meet a member of IRA in Tommy's stead. This also signifies how Finn will begin to actively participate in business following what he did in season 4 to avenge the attack on Arthur. 



The second still features Arthur and his wife Shelby locked in an embrace. For the longest time, Linda was a god fearing woman who stayed away from her husband's lifestyle.

She went to the church every Sunday, said her prayers, and when she was pregnant even convinced Arthur to leave the family behind and live with her in the Shire. Tommy, at this point, never approved of Linda, and the feelings were mutual.

Once Arthur moved back in with the family in the face of attacks by Luca's men, he strayed back to his old ways and John's death only made him choose snorting cocaine over his wife.

He, at one point, even left his wife because she was trying too hard and this adversely affected Linda. She began to adapt his lifestyle over misery and the picture of Arthur and Linda back together in what looks like a loving embrace suggests that the two have overridden their misunderstandings.

This could also be influenced by Tommy's decision to dabble in politics by becoming a Member of the Parliament.