'Peaky Blinders': Is Thomas Shelby married in the fifth season? Fans speculate over director Anthony Byrne's social media post

Thomas Shelby lost the woman he loved the most, but went ahead to get together with his secretary, and maybe this time he will consider the relationship.

                             'Peaky Blinders': Is Thomas Shelby married in the fifth season? Fans speculate over director Anthony Byrne's social media post

Director Anthony Byrne has given fans a special treat by posting a picture of Cillian Murphy, probably, going through his lines as Thomas Shelby on the set of 'Peaky Blinders'. The Steven Knight-written show follows the infamous Birmingham gang from the early decades of the 1900s when they were led by the Shelby family. As the middle son of the family, Thomas Shelby, the clan leader saw a steady growth in power in the fourth season where he managed to crown himself as the leader of the Communist Party and eventually a Member of the Parliament. 

Fans are losing it over the picture posted by Byrne, where Murphy is seen dressed in character resting his legs on the table while going through his lines. A fan indicated that it seems Thomas will be sporting a wedding ring, "I spy a wedding ring." Does this mean that Thomas is getting married again? Following the death of his wife, Grace, Thomas began a develop a love interest for May Carleton, the only person who probably knew more about horses than him. However, there are little possibilities that the ring indicates a tie between the two since they had both parted ways towards the end of the fourth season. 


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However, we can assume that Thomas has finally let down his guard and welcomed Lizzie to the family. In spite of being an outsider, being treated like a whore by the youngest Shelby brother, John, and then being used by Thomas as a bait to bring down his enemies, Lizzie has always acted as a backbone for the Shelby family. Fans had earlier expressed their urge for Lizzie to get some kind of redemption in the fifth season, as one Reddit user claimed, "Lizzie above all has shown loyalty to Tommy. She chose Tommy even over John. She worked for Tommy as a secretary, put herself in danger and her reward was becoming part of the family." 

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We had also seen her conceiving Thomas' second child (he already had a son with Grace), and Thomas readily accepts the child into the family. Immediately after winning the election he had taken the child and welcomed him into the family. Probably the two have finally come to an agreement since they are able to run the Shelby business together, and maybe with this time Thomas himself is looking for some kind of stability. They both also share the similar grief of losing John, and that is what had brought them together in the first place. We will probably find out more when the show returns with the fifth season in late spring, 2019.