'Peaky Blinders': Let's talk about Anya Taylor-Joy's character in season 5

Maybe filling up the shoes left by May Carleton, chances are Taylor-Joy will be Thomas' new support-system

                            'Peaky Blinders': Let's talk about Anya Taylor-Joy's character in season 5

Director Anthony Byrne has been giving us some behind-the-scenes snippets of the Steven Knight-created show, 'Peaky Blinders', and one of his latest clips showed actress Anya Taylor-Joy dressing up for her character in the upcoming fifth season, which will probably release in late Spring 2019.

Starring Cillian Murphy (as Thomas Shelby), Paul Anderson (as Arthur Shelby), Helen McCrory (as Aunt Polly) and Sophie Rundle (as Ada Shelby), the show follows the infamous Birmingham gang who use their blinder caps to slit the eyes of their enemies.

Set in the earlier decades of the 1900s 'Peaky Blinders' is an adapted tale of Knight's ancestors who were notoriously known as the Peaky Blinders for their fabled bohemian lifestyle and their disreputable actions such as murder and theft. 

Taylor-Joy is one of the new cast members which also includes Sam Claflin and Brian Gleeson, who are set to join the old cast in the fifth installment of the series. There are many speculations going on about what exactly could be Taylor-Joy's role in the fifth season, as she appears to play a character from high society.

Clad in fur coats, and red lip colors, Taylor-Joy appears to be from one of the genteel classes who has been looking down on the Shelby family for their ruthless acts of murder and gambling. It seems that Taylor-Joy will in a way fill up the boots for Charlotte Riley's character, May Carleton. 

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Carleton was one of the women who could look Thomas in the eye without any fear, and, in spite of her feelings for Thomas, she let him go when it was revealed that he was already in love with Grace (played by Annabelle Willis).

Unfortunately, Riley will not be returning for the fifth season, as she told Digital Spy, "I don't think that my character will be coming back. I mean, I would go back in a heartbeat [if asked], because I just love it so much." Carleton's presence was not only a supporting wall for Thomas, but she was one of the women who Thomas looked up to in spite of his disdainful chauvinism. 

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There is a fair chance Taylor-Joy's character will come as a harbinger of good-will for Thomas who is now a Member of Parliament. Being in a position as high as a government employee, Thomas now has the chance to legitimize his family's automobile business, through which he will be able to run his gambling business.

However, all of this might be a big responsibility for the man who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and we can only assume the will need all the help he can get. As for Taylor-Joy, she's just as excited as her fans, who are eager to see her. She told Deadline, "I could not possibly be more excited to be joining such a talented group of people. I can’t wait to get in and play this character.”

'Peaky Blinders' returns to BBC One in late Spring next year, and this time the Shelby family is set to face their deadliest enemy who hails all the way from Glasgow.