'Peaky Blinders': 4 characters we sure as hell want to see in the fifth season

They came, they took the Shelby family by storm, but it will be disappointing if they don't return for the showdown.

                            'Peaky Blinders': 4 characters we sure as hell want to see in the fifth season

Creator Steven Knight's periodical drama, 'Peaky Blinders', is set to return this year in Spring, and we cannot wait to see Thomas Shelby to begin his new life as a politician. Starring Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby, Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly, Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, and Sophie Rundle as Ada Shelby, 'Peaky Blinders' depicts the notorious Birmingham gang who are led by the Shelby family. 

Headed by Thomas Shelby, a shell-shocked war-hero, the Shelby family has time and again come across as people who have not acted as the missing part of the family but have been crucial to their business too. Some of these characters have actually acted as foils to Thomas by either contradicting him or having a story arc parallel to his story. While the cast has already been announced - which now includes Sam Claflin, Brian Gleeson, Neil Maskell, and Anya Taylor-Joy - there are still some who we would love to see making a comeback in the fifth season. Here are the top four characters we would want to make appearances in the fifth season:


1. Jesse Edens

Jesse has been a looming presence in the series even before her first appearance in the fourth season. She was the one under whose call every female laborer had called out for a strike to demand higher wages. Played by Charlie Murphy, Edens' was introduced as an indomitable character, who was a Communist at heart and did not mind walking into the men's washroom because of the inconveniences of the women's washroom. Edens, however, was unable to hold her ground in front of Thomas and towards the end of the fourth season, we saw her being utilized by him, who went on to become a Member of Parliament with a majority votes from the Communists. We surely hope that she will be back to see Thomas struggle through his new life as a politician.

Jesse Edens was the fierce, modern woman, who had a looming presence on the show since the first season. (IMDb)
Jesse Edens was the fierce, modern woman, who had a looming presence on the show since the first season. (IMDb)

2. Michael Grey

From being an unknown orphan to Thomas' most trusted ally, Michale Grey, Polly's estranged son, is one of the most intriguing characters on the show. Played by Finn Cole, he is a lot more stable-headed than his cousins and due to that Thomas trusted him with the job of taking the company to America. Although it was meant to be an exile for Michael who did not tell Thomas about Polly's plan to take down Luca Changretta (played by Adrian Brody), we can hope that the fifth season will see him return to Birmingham as the company sets out to tackle their new enemy from Glasgow. 


3. May Carleton

It is only the wealthy widow with the passion for horses who make "You’ve told me about her like a gentleman – now kindly behave like a gangster for me again" sound seductive and yet sincere. May Carleton did come in as Thomas' horse trainer but she soon went on to be a lot more than that. Although the two shared a brief affair, before Thomas finally married Grace, they eventually part ways only to meet years later at Charlie’s Yard when she comes to collect the horse. The two, in spite of their distinct lifestyles, share a common feeling of loneliness, and probably that is why they were driven with passion and empathy in each other's arms. Although actress Charlotte Riley has said that there are little chances of May returning, we hope that she will, and maybe build the business with Thomas. 

May and Thomas supported each other through their loneliness. (IMDb)
May and Thomas supported each other through their loneliness. (IMDb)

4. Alfie Solomons

Too bad that we actually saw Thomas shoot Alfie in the end, but then anything is possible in fiction. Played by Tom Hardy, Alfie Solomons, the wandering Jew (as he is known), was Thomas greatest enemy and most genuine admirer. The two had a topsy-turvy relation where they would act like enemies but face the world as comrades. Both were the shell-shocked victims of the First World War, and both managed to leave their past behind and build underground empires of their own. Even if he is not back, we do hope that Alfie will have a looming presence since he was, after all, Thomas' biggest advisor. 

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'Peaky Blinders' will air on BBC One in late Spring. 

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