'Peacemaker' Ending Explained: With all storylines tied up, Season 2 looks at fresh start

'Peacemaker' Ending Explained: With all storylines tied up, Season 2 looks at fresh start
John Cena in a still from 'Peacemaker' Episode 8 (HBO Max)

When Jennifer Holland said 'Peacemaker' would have one massive ending that was sure to blow people's minds, she wasn't wrong. Episode 8, titled 'It's Cow or Never' sees the team on a mission to find and kill the cow before the butterflies teleport it to a secret location. However, it's not exactly the Avengers assemble, or should we say the sort of linking up seen in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' as the team tries taking on an army of butterflies and suffers some consequences.

The battle, although sees the heroes gain the upper hand sees the tables turn. Vigilante and Harcourt are critically wounded and Adebayo rushes into battle wearing Peacemaker's human torpedo helmet. She gets into the barn bowels in search of the Cow and finds Song taking on Smith instead. The attack to torpedo, the detective, goes horribly wrong. Following a lengthy discourse on the butterflies' "invasion", she tries to make an ally out of Smith. The move fails as he activates the human torpedo to crush the Cow's gut and follows it up by shooting Locke and Song. Goff, the butterfly, survives though.

'Peacemaker' Ending Explained

Titled 'It’s Cow or Never', episode 8 is pretty much an end to the season and suggests that season 2 will have an entirely new beginning. With news of season 2's confirmation doing the rounds, there can be an entirely new plot that can be expected. The pilot installment dealt with Project Butterfly and was set after the events of 'The Suicide Squad'. The core characters in the series have has well-rounded arcs and the challenge for Gunn would be in uniting the team again.

The aftermath of the battle against the butterflies sees Leota Adebayo giving a press conference where she exposes her mother Amanda Waller and the project as a government-sanctioned mission. Task Force X is no longer a secret. Emilia Harcourt pulls through while Vigilante, having sufficiently recovered from his injuries escapes from the hospital. John Economos takes a gig at the Belle Reve Penitentiary. Chris Smith is free now and while he spends time with Eagly, he also takes Goff under his wing. His father is shown sitting next to him in the final frame implying that he will be in Smith's head constantly.

All eight episodes of 'Peacemaker' are available on HBO Max.

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