Patricia and Mark McCloskey: Missouri couple who aimed guns at protesters called 'terrorists' by passerby

The McCloskeys were exiting a print shop with Christmas cards bearing a viral image of the couple from June

                            Patricia and Mark McCloskey: Missouri couple who aimed guns at protesters called 'terrorists' by passerby
Patricia and Mark McCloskey (Getty Images)

A Missouri couple who made headlines after brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters were recently called "terrorists" during a confrontation on the street. Lawyers Patricia and Mark McCloskey went viral in June after being snapped pointing guns at BLM protesters who had trespassed on their property in St Louis, Missouri. On September 23, however, the couple was targeted by a passerby who yelled abuse at them unprovoked.

The Daily Wire reported how the McCloskeys were followed by an unidentified woman as they exited a print shop with Christmas cards bearing a viral image of the couple from June. The couple is seen in footage leaving a shop as a woman is heard screaming at them. "Abolish the suburbs! You are terrorists! No mask!" she says. "You think pointing guns at protesters is nice? It’s fun? You think you’re cool? Abolish the suburbs."

"Abolish the suburbs, f*** you, and your guns," the woman adds, before unleashing a series of expletives on the couple. Although unconfirmed, it is being said the video was shared on Twitter by the woman who shouted at the McCloskeys.


Nonetheless, the couple appears to remain calm throughout the confrontation. In fact, Mark McCloskey even handed one of the holiday cards to the woman. The video shows Patricia McCloskey attempting to defend herself by pulling a blue surgical mask from her pocket. She is shouted down by the woman anyway. The couple is seen calmly walking to their car while the woman continues to yell at them as the video cuts off.

The McCloskeys became cultural icons among supporters of President Donald Trump following the June incident. Trump has accused the prosecutor of "extreme abuse of power" after she charged the couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon. Both Trump and Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson slammed the charges against the couple, with the latter saying he will likely pardon them the first chance he gets. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also added that the president thought it was "absolutely absurd what is happening to the McCloskeys."

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"When you look at St Louis and the two people coming out, they were going to be beaten up badly if they were lucky — if they were lucky, okay," Trump told Townhall's Katie Pavlich in July. "And the house was going to be totally ransacked and probably burned down like they were trying to burn down churches. And these people were standing there, never used it, and they were legal, the weapons."

"And now I understand somebody local, they want to prosecute these people," he added. "It's a disgrace."

Last month, the McCloskeys were invited to speak at the Republican National Convention. They have always maintained they were protecting themselves from protesters who had marched onto their private property before they were charged with one felony count of unlawful use of a weapon. Both personal injury attorneys, the couple said they feared the raging mob was going to kill them and burn down their house. They even compared to the sight to the "storming of the Bastille."

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