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Passenger left wearing only a bra after being restrained by cabin crew for 'causing havoc' on flight

The crew said that the woman had been 'out of control' after she had too much to drink at the duty-free bar in the Moscow airport
(Source:Getty Images)
(Source:Getty Images)

A woman on a flight from Russia was caught on camera with her arms and legs tied up and screaming after she had been restrained by cabin crew for creating havoc on the Antalya, Turkey bound plane.

The unnamed blonde woman, who did not have anything on top except for her bra, had to be restrained by the exasperated crew because she has reportedly started "causing havoc" on the flight from Moscow to the resort city in south-western Turkey.

The cabin crew in the flight said that the woman had been "out of control" after she had too much to drink at the duty-free bar in the Moscow airport before she got on the flight. The restraining happened a little after the flight took off.

The woman had reportedly become violent and abusive towards everyone and her behavior had been scaring the other passengers on board. The cabin crew tied up her legs and her hands behind her back before they made her sit on the floor of the plane at a safe distance away from the other passengers. It is still unclear why she was only partially dressed at the time, reported Mirror Online.

Footage that was taken on a cell phone by an eyewitness showed the woman trying to hit her head against the wall of the plane. She can be heard screaming in Russian: "I am begging you. My arms are tied. I cannot get hold of you, please. You see what is going on. Look at me. Look at my blood. Those are beasts, those are liars, they are trying to trick you."

The woman can also be heard saying that she could see invisible people who were "trying to kill her". The media in Russia reported that the woman had been released after the flight arrived at the Antalya Airport. The Turkish authorities reportedly said that they were not planning to charge the woman and let her go.

Some of the commentators said that they were worried about the health of the woman after they saw the footage. A user called CrystalNova said: "Seriously, they simply let her go? No fines? No black list? No nothing? Just go, get some tan, you drunk woman." Another user called maimung said: "I am always shocked that people like that are even allowed on board. I think drunkards should be fined, as well as the people who let them get on board."