Paris Jackson says she came out as bisexual when she was 14

Paris Jackson revealed that, for her, it's about loving people for who they are and not about labels

                            Paris Jackson says she came out as bisexual when she was 14
Paris Jackson (Source:Getty Images)

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe's second daughter Paris Jackson said she is interested in loving people for who they are and does not care if that labels her as a bisexual. In a Q&A session on Instagram, a new feature which the social media platform had introduced last week as a way to encourage conversation among its users through their stories, when a fan asked, "Are you bi?" Paris replied, "That’s what you guys call it. So I guess, but who needs labels. [sic]”

There have been several rumors about the 20-year-old model after she was spotted getting cozy with the British model Cara Delevingne when they were spotted in May in New York. According to a report in Daily Mail, the pair's budding relationship went public when they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss at the end of a double date with Paris's godfather Macaulay Culkin and his girlfriend. The pair was seen in West Hollywood near the Argentinean steakhouse Carlito's. Paris had also shared an image of her Snapchat account where the pair was seen cuddling while watching the movie 'Carol'.

The two are said to have been together since their appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, and were reportedly spotted holding hands during a night out in London in February.

However, although Paris has always rejected rumors related to her relationship with Cara, she took to Twitter after her Q&A session on Instagram to state that she had come out about her sexuality at an early age of 14. "EVERYONE HAS KNOWN FOR YEARS I CAME OUT WHEN I WAS 14, WTF!"

After Digital Pride welcomed her to the community, she retweeted the post claiming, "How many times have I publicly referred to the community as “my fellow LGBTQ+”? like even on stage. I’ve been apart of the community for years. I even mentioned having crushes on girls when I was 8 in a magazine before. I’ve been caught kissing girls in public. this is not news…"

She didn't stop there. She went on to explain that this certainly isn't the first time that she has openly revealed her sexuality, and she emphasized upon the fact that she had posted several intimate pictures with her girlfriends, "Like, how many pictures are there with me kissing females? Jesus, I can count pics of at least four different girls that were leaked in the past six years. WHY IS THIS A THING?"

Paris Jackson's post comes just a few days after the death of her grandfather, Joe Jackson, who passed away at the age of 89 after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Paris had posted images of the last moments that she shared with her grandfather before his demise.