Paris Hilton claims she's never had plastic surgery, insists she's 'obsessed with skincare'

Paris Hilton's line of advanced skincare products comes days after she was dissed for calling herself a 'self-made' woman

                            Paris Hilton claims she's never had plastic surgery, insists she's 'obsessed with skincare'
Paris Hilton (Source:Getty Images)

Paris Hilton was recently revealing her beauty secrets when the famous hotel heiress claimed that she has never undergone plastic surgery or used Botox. Speaking to People magazine during BeautyCon New York back in April, she said, "I've never done any Botox, filler, or plastic surgery in my life." The 37-year-old beauty, however, did reveal the secret behind her never-aging looks saying, "I've always been obsessed with skincare."

The star also went on to share some of her beauty secrets with the public, explaining how she's been using luxury creams like Creme De La Mer since she was a mere child of eight years. Hilton also revealed that it was this interest of hers in the realm of beauty and skincare which made her create her own Paris Hilton Skincare line.

Even before launching her products, Hilton made sure that she used all of them on herself for two whole years just to ensure that they turn out to be the best of the best. "I've been using this for the past two years to make sure [it works]," she told the publication. “I really wanted to make a line that was for every age but especially young girls to be preventative,” she explained.

Speaking about the special technology that she has used in her skincare line, Hilton explained, "What's really unique about my line is that I actually have this pro-DNA we created and trademarked. It basically promotes cellular rejuvenation to help build collagen. It will take away any fine lines."

It looks like Hilton has found a new fan in her fiance, actor Chris Zylka. “He loves it. He is like, ‘I never even put moisturizer on in my life.’ He had no idea about it. But now every night before we go to bed I will put the creams on him and he loves it. I give him facials.”

While on the subject of her fiance and her upcoming wedding, Hilton has clearly said that she would not be inviting her old friend Lindsay Lohan to her wedding celebrations. When a reporter asked her whether she would invite Lohan to her nuptials to which Hilton replied, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all."

When asked whether she would want an invitation to Lindsay's wedding, Paris shared, "No, I’m very busy,” she said. “I don’t have drama with anyone, but I choose to not surround myself [with] certain people. Life is too short."

On Tuesday, Hilton took to Instagram to fuel the pair's rivalry by calling Lohan a "pathological liar."

For those still unaware, there's a very efficient celebrity-comment-stalker Instagram account that has amassed massive popularity for taking screenshots of iconic comments by celebrities on Instagram posts and posting them in their account.

Actress Paris Hilton and actress Lindsay Lohan pose for pictures at the Evening with an Icon - Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe auction at Meson G on June 1, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

So clearly when the hotel heiress decided to relive some 2000 drama with her fan account, it didn't take time for Comments By Celebs to take notice of how very slyly, Hilton had written "#PathologicalLiar" in the video's comments section. 

Hilton had recently spoken about that night out with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan back in December 2017. "Actually, it was just Brit and I out, and then she just, like, chased us to the car and got in," Hilton had shared with Australia's MTV News. "She wasn't invited."

The new report about Hilton's advanced skincare techniques comes after she was recently dissed after calling herself 'self-made.' It was reported that the 37-year-old chose to give her two bits about the recent controversy regarding Forbes Magazine’s claim that Kylie Jenner was a “self-made billionaire.” Hilton chose to comment on the issue as she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend. 

“Would you call [Jenner] a self-made billionaire?” the reporter asked. “She’s a girl boss… [she’s] killing it,” Hilton said. And when she herself was asked whether or not she considers herself to be 'self-made', the heiress replied, “Obviously.”

Although the socialite did make a huge name for herself in the early 2000s by becoming a tabloid and entertainment magazine fixture owing to her lavish lifestyle, celebrity entanglements and short-lived romances, at the end of the day, that hardly makes her a self-made person.

Hilton's comment comes after ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ star Kylie was reported to be on her way to supersede Mark Zuckerberg’s record to become the youngest-ever self-made billionaire.

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