Pamela Anderson says 'the worst lovers watch porn' while 'vegans make the best lovers'

Pamela Anderson recently tweeted that adults films don't depict real love and a lot of good men have been defeated by "porn and Playsation"

                            Pamela Anderson says 'the worst lovers watch porn' while 'vegans make the best lovers'

Pamela Anderson believes that porn and video games have led to the demise of many a quality relationship. “The worst lovers watch porn – numb, desensitized .. needing more and more variety even violent,” she wrote in a series of tweets on Monday.

The Baywatch alum also claimed that vegans make the best lovers. “Porn is not what love looks like Brave and radical men who read and who are engaged in the world are sexy. Vegans make the best lovers – it’s proven.”

In a series of tweets that she posted on Monday, Anderson claimed the two “vices” have led to men suffering the "Empty Head Disease" and the demise of "good men": "Porn and Playstation."

Pamela Anderson (Source: Getty Images)
Pamela Anderson (Source: Getty Images)

“We’ve lost many good men to this. GONE No return,” she wrote.


The Twitter thread that she posted seems to be inspired from the 2018 book she co-authored with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, 'Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship'.

The 51-year-old actress, who has sons, Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, with ex-husband Tommy Lee encouraged parents to help their kids to stay away from gaming, saying that kids can be strong enough to 'rebel' against its popularity. 

“Talk to our children. As young adults, we can make our own choices. But, it’s a slippery slope.” she added.

She also tried to promote veganism through this thread claiming "Vegans make the best lovers - it’s proven."

The fans, however, didn't take the vegan part seriously. One of them wrote "You wrote all of that to promote veganism, yet provided 0 benefits of veganism. Truly because there isnt one".

While another wrote, "I was with you until you got to the vegan part."

The former Playboy model whose sex tape with Tommy leaked in 1995, before she reached a settlement with Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) over its distribution has spoken in the past about her fear that porn is "damaging" relationships.

"Well, everyone has to know what their version of porn is, too. Some people think Playboy is porn, and look, I think sexy things are fun. We have to decide what porn is for ourselves, what is damaging, and what is replacing our relationships. If we're not touching our wives and our girlfriends or boyfriends and are in the bathroom with our computer screens, I think that's an addiction. It's just too bad," she said.