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Paige Spiranac says her 34DD b**bs are 'as real as they can be' and they help her get the perfect club swing

The pro golfer hit out at those who had shamed her for showing off her cleavage and said she doesn't see anything wrong in doing so
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Professional golfer Paige Spiranac has answered one of those questions that everyone has on their mind, but no one has quite dared ask: Are her breasts real, and if so, do they get in the way of her playing the game?

Spoiler alert, the answer to those questions is yes, and no. 

The 27-year-old was back in the news after a YouTube vlog where she talked about her 34DD breasts and whether they proved a hindrance to her golf. And it all started making way around the interwebs once again.

"I get asked SO many questions about having a large chest and playing golf that I figured it was time to answer these questions once and for all! Including one of my most asked questions — are they real?" she captioned the video.

"Hopefully I can stop being asked this as much, but also share some advice for all my lady players out there who want to know how to swing around your chest and which bras I wear!"

Spiranac revealed that she "never had my breasts done" and that they "are as real as they can be" before going on to admit that they "fluctuate in size a lot."

"My breasts get larger depending on the time of the month, they can go up two cup sizes. Also, if I gain weight they get bigger, if I lose weight they get smaller," she said. "For the Sports Illustrated shoot I lost 17lbs and my chest dropped a couple cup sizes because of that."

She also hit out at those who had tried to shame her for showing off her curvaceous figure while teeing off.

"I do flaunt my cleavage, I don't see anything wrong with it, I like the way my body looks," she said. "I'm young, I feel confident and like to feel sexy and I think I have a nice chest and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. If you want to show off certain things then go for it, I never thought that was an issue."

"My cleavage is always out, I don’t get offended by it when people ask me these questions because I am aware, I’m showing it off in a way," she continued. "I do work really hard on my body, I spend a lot of hours in the gym and on my diet and I’m proud of how my body looks."

She said that, besides having to stand a bit further away from the ball to give her some extra swinging space, she was relatively unfazed by them. She also insisted that, despite their size, her breasts helped her in playing golf in a unique way.

"It’s never an issue, they’re just kind of there. Putting, chipping, really anything else you’re pretty much set," she shared. "And actually, I think it kind of helps because my arms are so connected I feel them touching pretty much all the time,” she went on. “So you do feel connected instead of having that excessive space. So I use it to help me."