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Ozzy Osbourne thinks he won't be here 'much longer' after Parkinson's diagnosis: 'I don’t dwell on death'

The 71-year-old Black Sabbath frontman recently shocked the world when he revealed to 'Good Morning America' that he has Parkinson's
UPDATED JAN 30, 2020
Ozzy Osbourne (Getty Images)
Ozzy Osbourne (Getty Images)

Ozzy Osbourne has detailed his battle with Parkinson's in a new interview, insisting he "won't be here much longer."

The 71-year-old Black Sabbath frontman admitted he's "not happy" about his dwindling health, but asserted he does not "worry" about death.

"I won’t be here in another 15 years or whatever, not that much longer, but I don’t dwell on it," the legendary rocker told Kerrang! magazine in their latest issue. According to him, music is the "best medicine."

"Do I ever think about when my time’s gonna come? I think about it, I don’t worry about it," Ozzy noted. 

Kelly Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, and Sharon Osbourne attend the after party for the special screening of Momentum Pictures' 'A Million Little Pieces' on December 04, 2019, in West Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

The star of 'The Osbournes' then explained his outlook on life ever since he discovered his condition.

"It’s gonna happen to us all. Am I happy now? No. I haven’t got my health. That thing knocked the s*** out of me, man, but I’m still here," he said. Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition that affects the part of the brain that controls motor function. It causes muscle stiffness, slowness of movement, tremors, sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, and can even lead to severe disability, per Daily Mail.

The singer and songwriter shocked the world when he revealed to 'Good Morning America' that he has Parkinson's. With his wife Sharon, 67, by his side, Ozzy admitted he no longer wanted to hide his health struggles and the fact that he is on a "whole host" of medications for his nerve pain.

He said the pain began after he suffered a fall last year. "I had to have surgery on my neck which screwed all my nerves. I found out that I have a mild form of...." Ozzy said before looking to his wife to finish his sentence.

"It's Parkin 2 which is a form of Parkinson's. There are so many different types of Parkinson's," Sharon added.

Ozzy told reporters at the Grammy Awards earlier this month how the past year had been "hell" for him. "This last year has been hell for me. I've had surgery on my neck. I've announced to the world that I've got Parkinson's. It's been one rock 'n' roll year for me," he said.

Having said that, the Mr. Crowley hitmaker has promised to return to the stage one day. "If I'm well enough I'll work towards it," he said. "I'm having physical therapy every day, five days a week. I'm trying, doing the best I can. Neck surgery's not easy."

Meanwhile, the rock legend's daughter Kelly, 35, applauded her dad's progress.

"Seeing how far Dad's come this year and how far he's come in the last week alone has just been incredible," she said. "I think coming out and telling his truth has been a weight lifted off of his shoulders. And even like his physical therapist is saying how far you have moved forward in this last week is insane."