Kelly to join Ozzy and Jack's funny little 'World Detour' in the third season, and we can hardly wait for it

In the third season, Ozzy and Jack Osbourne are set to hit the road again to explore new avenues of their relationship.

                            Kelly to join Ozzy and Jack's funny little 'World Detour' in the third season, and we can hardly wait for it
(L-R) Ozzy Osbourne and son Jack Osbourne (Source: Getty Images)

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne will hit the road once again, but this time with his adventure-loving son, Jack Osbourne, on June 13 for the third season of 'Ozzy and Jack's World Detour'.

The show will be broadcast on the A&E Network, which played host to the previous two seasons of the show.

Since Ozzy was mostly away touring with his band when he would mostly spend his time in a hotel room or a concert, Jack takes up the opportunity to make up for the lost time between them, "and actually show him around the places that he has never seen". 

Meanwhile, for most fans, this show, just like 'The Osbournes' which aired in 2002-05, this is another chance to look into the life of one of the most renowned metal-singers of all times.

However, unlike 'The Osbournes', where Ozzy was mostly focused on projecting himself as the regular father and the ordinary person with a family, his tour with Jack is more of a subtle recall of his old days as the reckless metalhead who didn't mind smashing his neighbor's window.

On the other hand, the ongoing show is actually an opportunity for Jack to get to know his father more closely who was mostly away for his tours during his childhood.

We love the travel show meets family vacation that allows the father and son to set out on the road to travel widely across the Americas, and indulge in impulsive surprises ranging from catching a python to something prototypically American such as fishing.

However, in 'Ozzy and Jack's World Detour', the father seems to be under the guidance of the son who helps him explore things which he has never done before. You know, the everyday things that everyday people enjoy - such as blasting off a missile from an M24 Chaffee army tank in Nokesville, Virginia to paying a visit to Robert, the Haunted Doll at the East Martello Museum, in Key West, Florida.

There were times when the roles almost seemed to reverse, as Jack tries to track down a vintage 1973 GMC camper -- the same model which the Black Sabbath had used when they started touring in America -- just to pamper his father's needs.

Oftentimes, Jack goes out of his way, rejecting several more modern and affordable models (some for silly reasons such as Ozzy not being able to stand the colour green), and finally settling for a second-hand vintage camper which immediately draws Ozzy's attention. 

The father-son duo set out on the road to make up for some lost moments. (Getty Images)

In the previous seasons, we have seen the father-son duo take a trip down memory lane, as Ozzy claims he wishes to do when they visit the Alamo Mission in San Antonio and the John Lennon statue in Cuba.

Ozzy's notorious controversy with the Alamo Mission began when, clothed in his girlfriend's dress in 1982 and drunk out of his mind, he managed to urinate in front of the monument which is considered sacred by the people of Texas.

During their visit to Texas in Season 1, Jack had pulled his father's leg when Ozzy claims, "There's no getting away from the Alamo around here." Jack only mocked, "Play it cool, remember you're sorry." 

In his early 30s, Jack also took his father through several historical story-telling sessions, such as the one when they visit John Lennon's statue in Cuba. 

Fidel Castro had initially banned Rock 'n Roll in Cuba, with Cuban authorities considering the genre (specifically The Beatles' songs) to be "ideological diversionism".

However, decades later after a few declassified FBI documents were made public, Castro announced Lennon was considered a born rebel and a radical who stood against the Vietnam War and was under constant repression by the US government. 

In 1980, Castro said of Lennon, "What makes him great in my eyes, is his thinking, 
his ideas." (Getty Images)

Ozzy wearing the iconic circular Lennon sunglasses became a little emotional when they stood in front of the statue. "They were saying it was banned and then he became a hero. I'd rather have seen the real thing; that f*****g a*****e killed him."

Ozzy is known for giving Lennon's song 'A Working Class Hero' a more metallic touch, considering himself to be "a working class hero".

During a conversation with his son about the trip, when Jack asks Ozzy if he is in "Team John Lennon" or "Team Paul McCartney", he casually puts it out that Lennon and McCartney were two of the greatest things that ever happened to him. 

The father-son duo has also shared subtle moments of humor in moments of Ozzy's constant complains about surviving through the 70s and the 80s and still not being able to trust his son's impulses and Jack translating them to have returned for a second season to mean, "my father hasn't yet killed me."

Although in Season 2, Jack's mother Sharon and his sister Kelly do not join the lads on their road trip across America, Kelly Osbourne is likely to join the duo in Season 3. We are looking forwad to watch the hilarity that ensues when Kelly is introduced to this dynamic duo.