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'Ozark' Season 3: Tom Pelphrey's electric performance as Ben is a game-changer, fans think he 'deserves an Emmy'

Through all ten episodes of 'Ozark', it is simply commendable how Pelphrey brings mental health to the fore and fans can't stop talking about it
Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis (Netflix)
Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis (Netflix)

'Ozark' seems to have even upped the interest quotient in its third season and one particular character has caught many eyeballs. Titled 'Civil Union', Episode 2 introduces a new character named Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey) — who is Wendy Byrde's brother. An unwelcome guest, he arrives at the Byrdes' house after losing his teaching job in a fit of rage.

As the season proceeds, he soon gets into a relationship with Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) and we find out that he suffers from bipolar disorder. Through all ten episodes, it is simply commendable how Pelphrey brings mental health to the fore and fans can't stop talking about it. 
"As someone who has family members suffering from mental illness, Ben's entire monologue, while he was sitting in the backseat of the taxi, hit pretty hard... I can't stress this enough, Tom Pelphrey is such a phenomenal actor, please give him more roles," one fan posted and another wrote, "As someone that struggles w/ Bipolar Disorder I’m not always a fan of how it’s portrayed in tv shows/movies, but I’m not going to lie - Netflix really hit it out of the park w/ #SpinningOut & now #Ozark S3. Ben was BY FAR my favorite character this season."

Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis (Netflix)

One viewer shared, "3rd Season is pretty good by the way and Ben seems to be a great addition to the current cast. His bipolar performance deserves praise and kudos to writers for matching him with my other favorite Ruth. #Ozark!" and another said, "Shout out to Tom Pelphrey for that roller coaster performance. I loved and hated and loved and hated and loved Ben. I cried at the end of his journey."

If that was not enough, many Twitter users are also saying that he deserves an Emmy award for his performance. "Ben from #Ozark season 3 deserves an Emmy award what a phenomenal job he did by far he was the best character in this season wonderful job," one fan said and another wrote, "The actor playing Ben needs an Oscar. He hands down executed the mental health role. I’ve worked with many bipolar individuals and I have to say that was perfect acting. Sheesh!"

"Ben in #Ozark deserves an Emmy. What a performance, displaying the effects of mental health. Absolutely #phenomenal," one viewer said and another posted, "The actor who plays Ben fucking Davis on #ozark deserves all the awards." Another tweet read, "#Ozark season 3 was without a doubt incredible. The job Ben did better get his ass some type of award."

Tom Pelphrey as Ben Davis (Netflix)

Several other fans posted how Ben was a "game-changer." "I'm watching this while quarantined with my 21-year-old mentally ill son who's just come out of an episode," one wrote and another said, "Ben is the game-changer of #Ozark. The show has always been good, but Ben changes everything! Totally feel for that guy. If you haven't watched Ozark, where the hell you been in the last 2 years? BINGE!"

Others shed light on Pelphrey's wondrous acting talent. "I remember seeing @TomPelphrey in #Banshee and thinking he was a fucking revelation as Kurt. But as Ben on #Ozark? Are you fucking kidding me with this performance, @netflix? @TelevisionAcad, I hope you’re watching, because he’s ripping my heart out. He’s dynamite. He’s electric," one posted and another said, "I hope this isn't still him in ten years. A heart-wrenchingly accurate performance. Every time they bring @TomPelphrey on a show, he steals the spotlight effortlessly, it happened on Banshee, on Iron Fist and now Ozark!"

The new season premiered on March 27 and if you haven't caught up with it yet, stream all episodes on Netflix.