'Ozark' Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Helen or Wendy, who gets their brains knocked out in this deadly game?

'Ozark' Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Helen or Wendy, who gets their brains knocked out in this deadly game?

Spoilers for 'Ozark' Season 3 Episode 10 'All In'

Manipulation, control, and desire are the keywords in this bloodthirsty battle for power in 'Ozark'.

Unleashing its most fascinating and engrossing plot twists in the final episode, the Netflix series will keep you on your toes until the very last second. 

Sometimes you sacrifice, sometimes you compromise. Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) does both. Sacrifices are a selfless act, but in the Byrde world, sacrifices can have a selfish motive too.

In Wendy's case, it is her brother Ben Davis' (Tom Pelphrey) death. After the emotional gauntlet that the last episode burst open, Wendy battles her own demons and is no longer her exuberant self. 

When Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) — who was Ben's closest companion — finds out, Marty warns her: "You cannot go after Nelson, you cannot go after Helen."

Directed by Alik Sakharov, the episode has the best cinematography so far, right from Ben's burial scene to the last scene where the show finally sneaks up its head to broad daylight. The complex characterization, however, bends at too many turns and keeps you hooked.

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde (Netflix)

Wendy's demons and Marty's misgivings

Days after Ben's death, Wendy doesn't turn away to go back home. She lives her life like a vagabond, sleeping in her car and drinking through the day. Marty calls her several times, tries to console her: "Are you ready to tell me where you are?" and even reassures her: "Kids love you, I love you." But, nothing changes her mind. The two ponder over their life decisions and trace back their minds to where they went wrong.

Like a surreal irony, a little kid clinches her hand at the supermarket, and it hits her. She storms off to her house. Wendy reunites with Marty and her daughter Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) but his son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) isn't welcoming. "What are you gonna do about Helen? She killed your brother?" he asks, and counterattacks: "So we're just supposed to forget about Ben?" He argues how "there is nothing normal about anything they do" and it seems to be the gist of their complex lives.

While Marty tries to console Wendy, Charlotte talks to Jonah to give their mom some time. In a shocking twist, Wendy and Marty make peace with Helen and bury the hatchet. But, Wendy is suspicious: "She's gonna get us killed!" Marty doesn't believe it and blames that she is just upset. He suggests they make their sacrifice known to Navarro. 

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde and Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde (Netflix)

Who will gain Omar Navarro's trust?

A peaceful Spanish prayer goes on as Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) comes into the picture. At that moment, a bunch of troops enter the church and shoot every innocent man and woman in their line of sight. Sadly, his girlfriend gets shot while cries of their baby echo through the walls. Helen comes to meet Navarro after his girlfriend's death and helps him plan his will.

But, she has an ulterior motive. "I would like to take control of all Byrde Enterprise Affairs," she says, taking him in her confidence. When the Byrde couple finds out, they try to convince Navarro of their loyalty by sharing the story of Ben's sacrifice. Navarro is not convinced. "You did what was required, don't make feel like I should be grateful," he blatantly shoots back.

Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore (Netflix)

Ruth's allegiance to Darlene and Wyatt

Ruth discusses her plight with Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan). Even after their cold war, the two still adore each other. Out of concern, Wyatt tells Ruth: "I think you should be asking questions and be afraid of the answers you may find."

When Ruth tries to ask Wendy what really transpired, she cooks up a false story. Labeling her a f**king b***h wolf, she sarcastically retorts: "Did you watch him die? Or were you too chickenshit just like with my dad?" In that particular scene, Julia Garner's performance will blow your brains out! Soon, Ruth turns herself away from the Byrdes and goes to Helen to bid goodbye. Shocking as it may sound, Helen asks her: "If Marty and Wendy were out of the picture, would you consider coming back to work?" With a smirk, Ruth says: "I ain't hard to find."

Everyone is going against the Byrdes. Darlene finds out the Byrdes didn't kill Frank Jr. even when he came after Ruth. And she realizes how messed up the Byrdes really are. 

Soon after, Ruth teams up with Darlene — yes, quite an unlikely pair, but what as they say great minds think alike! Darlene meets Frank Cosgrove (John Bedford Lloyd) and gives him a 50-50 share in her heroin business.

Not just that, she even clears Ruth's name out of the mess. The shining Sun brings a beautiful new beginning for Ruth!

Skylar Gaertner as Jonah Byrde and Sofia Hublitz as Charlotte Byrde (Netflix)

Helen vs the Byrdes: A game of manipulation

In every way possible, Helen assures that Wendy and Marty get weaker in the game. Wendy's fears come true and the couple hatch a plan to be "more valuable" to Navarro. They have a grand scheme against Lagunas cartel and Jonah's video is proof enough. In return, they request Helen to be out of the Byrde Enterprise. While Marty takes Special Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) in his confidence, Helen seeks help from Agent Trevor Evans (McKinley Belcher III).

Both sides are equally strong. But, before that, Jonah pulls the shotgun at Helen's face right in the comfort of her home in a staggering twist. She manipulates Jonah about how Wendy was involved in Ben's murder and brings his attention to her guilt. Later, Jonah grieves his uncle's loss and shoots point-blank into the window, shattering pieces of glass. In a big turn, in the end, Helen and the Byrdes get into a jet to go to Mexico. As soon as they see Navarro, Helen's brains are knocked out with a bullet shot! Yes, you read that right. 

With a deafening silence and a loud growl, the season's shocking end stays with you for several moments. Navarro hugs Marty and Wendy to welcome them to a new future. Blowing away the Byrde couple's flawed history of crime with a single gunshot, 'Ozark' manages to add more curiosity at the end than it could ever do through all ten of its episodes.  

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