'Murder for Hire' explores how a therapist ordered her patient to gun down her ex-husband

Cynthia Guy, a disgruntled ex-wife, wanted to take revenge after feeling dissatisfied with her divorce settlement

                            'Murder for Hire' explores how a therapist ordered her patient to gun down her ex-husband

Oxygen's latest original series 'Murder for Hire' gives us a glimpse into the grim world of contract killings, especially after investigators reported a sharp increase in hired hits across the country in the past decade. 

The first installment of the docu-series, which debuts on April 7, recreates the true story of "an ex-wife's revenge."

Cynthia Guy, a professional therapist and divorcee, married businessman Terry Thomas just seven months after they met online. According to Thomas, she was smart, caring, and for once he thought he was "doing it right."

"Cyndy appeared to be a fun person," he told producers. "She was able to laugh, not just at others, but at herself as well...When I looked at her come down the steps in her wedding gown, I thought to myself, 'I think I did this one right.'"

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For the next couple of years, Terry accepted her children as his own and said the family loved to "explore" and "travel" together. However, things took an ugly turn four years into the marriage when he noticed a change in his wife, who allegedly started behaving like "Jekyll and Hyde."

The relationship turned sour and Cynthia began raging at her husband for no apparent reason. Hoping to diffuse the situation, Terry took a job about two and a half hours away from their home in Cheyenne, Wyoming, thinking the distance would make a difference.

But it got to a point where she would scream at Terry constantly over the phone, even if it was just a nightly call between the pair. "There were no more good times after that," he said.

Frustrated by the relentless abuse, Thomas filed for divorce in 2010. In retaliation, Guy started spending huge amounts of her husband's hard earned money, making him believe her ultimate goal at that point was to destroy [him] financially.”

Guy eventually lost most of what she was expecting from the couple's real estate assets after the divorce was finalized by the Supreme Court of the State of Wyoming in 2014.

Thomas' lawyer had forewarned him that the six months after a divorce is "the most dangerous time" for divorcees, and there is an increased risk of violence in that period.

“I heard what he was saying, but I guess at that time I just kind of brushed it off. Shame on me,” Thomas told Oxygen.

While it was all over on paper, Guy was determined to have her revenge. She approached one of her patients if she had ties to the Mexican cartel who could help her kill Thomas.



This was not a request by any means, considering Guy threatened the patient to send her back to prison if she did not help her out. Worried for her own safety, the patient reported her therapist to authorities and later agreed to become an informant.

During her next counseling session with Guy, the patient would wear a wire in order to record the conversation, as instructed by Casper Police Department Detective Sara Nelson.

The next time they met, the cold-blooded therapist told her patient it would be "perfect" if Thomas' death was made to look like a suicide. Working with law enforcement, the patient confirmed to Guy that her "cousin Frankie" would get the job done for $4,000 and arranged a meeting between the two in Glendo, Wyoming. "Frankie" was played by an undercover special agent who is featured on the show but was unidentified for legal reasons. Meanwhile, Thomas was forewarned by the FBI that his ex-wife had "put out a hit on him."

Speaking to producers, Thomas admitted that Guy had shown some “disturbing tendencies from time to time,” but he never “ever in [his] wildest dreams” could imagine she would hire someone to kill him. He was advised to lay low and move out of his home until the investigation was concluded, and so he checked into multiple motels.


Guy met the undercover agent in a remote parking lot soon after. She entered his vehicle, which was equipped with a hidden camera to record the entire conversation. The stone-cold woman laid out all the details of how he could ambush Thomas, giving him a $2,000 advance upfront.

“It appeared, and it made me feel like, she was handing me a model of how to kill her ex-husband. It was a perfect compiled kit,” the undercover agent told Oxygen.

When asked how she wanted her husband to be "taken care of", she said she preferred a "suicide." But acknowledging it was difficult to stage one, the agent suggested her other ways to get the job done. In response, Guy told him to do “whatever’s gonna less alert the cops.”

“I’ve been planning this for six months, so I just had to find the right person to do it,” she revealed to him. Before leaving the vehicle, Guy told the agent, “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say good luck or … you get one shot, don’t f*ck it up. ‘Cause you f*ck it up, then I will go down," adding, “He’s the only one going down!”


The authorities now had everything they needed to make a prosecutable case - especially the exchange of money as well as the video recording of the conversation.

Guy was sentenced to 20 to 25 years in prison on March 22, 2016. While she was originally charged with solicitation of first-degree murder, she was eventually booked for solicitation to commit aggravated kidnapping after entering a plea agreement.

She will be eligible for parole in 2028, according to the show.

In conclusion, a tearful Thomas told producers: “It’s hard to put it behind you, but I’m not giving up on love. As the saying goes, ‘Living well is the best revenge.’ I’m going to live well."

If you want to know more about the case as well as other contract killings, tune in to Oxygen and watch 'Murder for Hire' every Sunday at 7/6c.