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Owner leaves dog tied up outside Iowa airport after trying to board flight without proper kennel

The dog, who is called Allie by ARL, will be put up for adoption if she's not claimed following the investigation into her abandonment
Allie seemed to be in high spirits despite being abandoned by her owner (Instagram/arliowa)
Allie seemed to be in high spirits despite being abandoned by her owner (Instagram/arliowa)

DES MOINES, IOWA: A one-year-old female dog appeared to have been left behind among the commotion of aircraft delays and cancellations at the Des Moines airport on December 29. The dog was discovered chained up outside the Iowa airport after her owner was unable to take her with them.

The dog, whom they've called Allie, was left behind after her owner "tried to go through the flight process without the proper kennel," according to Tom Colvin, CEO of the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Iowa. According to Colvin, the person tried to board their flight with the dog but was denied. Later, the individual returned without the dog and boarded the aircraft. Officials have the person's identity and are looking into the issue, despite the fact that Allie did not have any identification when she was discovered.


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Colvin estimates that “it wasn’t very long” that Allie was left tied up outside and it was fortunate the weather “was a lot better than it was a few days prior... during the sub zero wind chills.” Allie was brought to the ARL in the interim and will stay with the rescue. She is currently unavailable for foster care because of the inquiry. Despite the event, Colvin claims that Allie has remained in high spirits, TODAY reports.

“(She’s) very friendly and loved everybody from the airport staff that came out, brought her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, giving her all the attention until our animal services officers came out and picked her up,” he says. “She’s very sweet.” Colvin states that if she is not claimed following the investigation, "which it certainly doesn't look likely," she will be placed up for adoption.


According to Iowa Code 717B.8, abandoning an animal is a misdemeanor in the state of Iowa. The extent of the punishment is determined by the harm or injuries caused to the animal. According to Iowa law, a person found guilty could be sentenced to 30 days to 2 years in jail and fined at least $105 to $8,540, depending on the type of misdemeanor. This is the first time Colvin has dealt with someone leaving a dog at the airport, but he said, “But unfortunately, abandonment does happen a lot and for various reasons.”
“The takeaway on this is that lots of people travel with their pets. And that’s great that they do, it just simply means that they’ve got to prepare,” he says. “They’ve got to look ahead, find out what the requirements are, make sure they have the necessary documents for their pet, rabies certificate, those types of things. So traveling with their pet is certainly doable,” he adds. “If if you plan ahead.”