'Outlander': Wilmington promises Roger's reunion with Brianna but maybe it's not for the best

Roger MacKenzie might have pursued Brianna and time traveled but there's no way we can trust him again.

                            'Outlander': Wilmington promises Roger's reunion with Brianna but maybe it's not for the best

It's not a spoiler because the trailer, as well as the episodic stills released, makes it more than obvious that Brianna Randall and Roger MacKenzie will reunite in 'Wilmington.' There is something to rejoice about because Brianna will finally have a 20th-century partner who will help her find her mother in the 18th-century world. 

But as good a thing this may seem, let us not forget why Roger broke up with Brianna in the first place. That's because the 20th century Oxford professor has a stuck-up mentality that he can only marry a virgin. So his problem with Brianna sprouts when Brianna wants to have sex with him before putting on a ring. He immediately asks her to marry her in the episode titled 'The False Bride,' to which she says that she is not ready yet. He questions and argues why is that since she was ready to have sex with him. "You don't want to marry me, but you'll f**k me?!" he yells. "If all I wanted was to have my way with you, I would've had you on your back a dozen times last summer." Brianna thankfully slaps him and points out the sexist hypocrisy and double standard. 


This was the time fans realized that otherwise sweet Roger, who helped unite Claire and Jamie Fraser is actually a personification of toxic masculinity. Leaving Brianna embarrassed and heart-broken Roger is adamant that his mindset won't change. But following their messy breakup, Roger gets in touch with Brianna to inform her about her mother, Claire Fraser, reuniting with her 18th-century lover but withholds the information that they eventually die in a fire at Fraser's Ridge. Brianna, who is happy to have talked to Roger, (we don't know why but maybe because the heart wants what it wants), somehow finds out about the death mentioned in the obituary and embarks on a time-traveling journey through Craigh na Dun, just like her mother.

When Roger finds out from Brianna's roommate in Boston that she's already left for Scotland, Roger goes to the stones to track her but discovers that she has time traveled. He makes his decision to time travel as well. A romantic gesture for sure, and by the look on Brianna's face as they reunite in Wilmington, she will be over the moon. 




However, it's not to be forgotten that once a douchebag, always a douchebag. The upcoming reunion may do more harm to Brianna than good, because since Roger has landed in the 18th century, his 15th-century mindset may just be in tune, unless, of course, he changes his mind and progressed. Which is unlikely given how adamant he is about his chauvinism and manhood. In the last episode, he proved his worth to Stephen Bonnet by carrying one barrel, and the villain even smirked at it. So did we.

Even if we were to not take it so personally and believe in a second chance for Roger because he did so much for Brianna, we still think he is not worth it. His time travel leap could be his curiosity as a history professor or to get Brianna back to the 20th century just so he can marry her because according to him, he loves her and is not really looking at the bigger picture of her reuniting with her mother, because as he's mentioned before, Claire is already dead and because their parallel universe can never meet.

Is romance on the cards for Brianna when she reunites with Roger? Or will there be friction because he clearly does not deserve her? Also, he needs to grow his beard, get rid of his ponytail and change his peculiar yellow pants. 

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