'Outlander': Young Ian is no longer a kid, he is a man writing his own letters

'Outlander' fans have come to adore Young Ian as he lets Jamie Fraser know that he does not deserve to be treated like a kid and continuously proves his worth.

                            'Outlander': Young Ian is no longer a kid, he is a man writing his own letters

The premiere of Outlander season 4 has shown us that nothing in Outlander will be the same and Young Ian's transition into a 'man' is the proof. Recently Young Ian, whose real name is Ian Fraser Murray, told his uncle, Jamie Fraser that he is no longer Young Ian, who needs to be under anyone's wing. He is a man in himself. He writes his own letters. With that being established, he informs his parents that he will continue his adventures with his uncle and aunt, Claire Fraser, in North Carolina, instead of going back to them. He calls himself a full grown adult, third-wheeling with the couple along with his dog, Rollo, by his side. But that's okay.




Ardent 'Outlander' fans will know how he wanted to break free and become a man like his uncle, and despite him being stuck with the Frasers, his evolution from the time we met him in season 3 is impressive. In season 4, after revisiting the trauma of rape, Young Ian stands up for himself when Jamie tells him that he is going to put him on a ship and send him to his parents. He points out to Jamie that there are so many reasons why he is worthy to be on his own and make his own decisions. He justifies that he has been set upon by pirates twice, kidnapped, thrown into a pit and almost killed for the sake of a prophecy. All these adversities have been a learning experience for him and he can handle all the challenges that come his way.

Let's just recall the time when we met this sweet little character troubling his parents Jenny and Ian Murray with uncalled dangers. See him now in season 4, where he has literally saved his uncle and aunt from lurking dangers, though he hasn't been able to prevent it, which is still cool. In the recent episode, 'Common Ground' he teases his uncle with the name the Cherokee tribes bestows on Jamie- 'Bear Killer.' Pretty impressed, he whispers with pride 'Bear Killer.' Young Ian adds so much color to the plot even if he chooses to forgo being called a kid. 




An eager learner, Ian makes friends quite easily and is currently enthralled by the Native American practices. Despite the fact that the tribe threatened them initially, he is still up to learn more about them, so don't be surprised if he is the first Fraser to become proficient in the Native American language. His love for cultural exploration is also reflected when he tells Jamie that the threatening on the tribe's part is justified because it is their land after all. It was a major point to be noted because let's face it, the Frasers are building Fraser's Ridge on a land owned by the native Americans and last time we checked, that is encroaching even if it's colonial America where the governor has granted Jamie a thousand acre land.

Admit it or not, he is also Claire's ultimate go-to person, be it with the medicine kit box or the tricks of knitting. Young Ian seems to be turning into a perfectly wise man as he is coming out of his shell, speaking his mind and making friends on his own. As more episodes unfurl, we hope to see him do more incredible things just like Jamie, or perhaps even more. There's assurance he will, he's got Rollo after all.

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