'Outlander' season 4's marvelous time-traveling costumes came through the books, tv, museum and the Internet

Season 4 has witnessed outstanding costumes which were recently showcased at the SCAD Museum of Art and now the costume designer Terry Dresbach shares with her fans on Twitter.

                            'Outlander' season 4's marvelous time-traveling costumes came through the books, tv, museum and the Internet

Starz's not-so-secret weapon 'Outlander' continues to reach one milestone after another, from Caitriona Balfe's fourth Golden Globes nomination in a row to costume designer, Terry Dresbach's recent exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art and over 41k twitter followers for the intricate costume designs seen on the time-traveling show.

While at first, Dresbach was of the view that designing costumes for the show juggling between the 18th and the 20th century would be totally dull, she was proved wrong when her creativity soared with each and every piece she designed. “I thought it was going to be the dullest because I had the fourth-grade textbook pictures of colonial America in my head,” Dresbach said in her interview with Entertainment Weekly. Talking about the ongoing season 4, she added: "What we did was nothing like that, and it was really exciting. I think it’s the most exciting season of all."

In episode 5 of season 4, when Brianna Randall Fraser decided to time travel like her mother from the stones of Craigh na Dun, she was all 18th century ready by donning a caped dress, which fans were quick to point out, looked nothing like what Claire was wearing when she time traveled. The dress even got a handful of criticism for being too unrealistic and a fansite also reported that it looked like something she threw together in a matter of 10 days. 




However, when the real story behind that particular dress was out, it was more than evident that the black-cape and off-white sleeve dress is the most authentic 'Outlander' wear ever.

Town and Country magazine reports that the garb Brianna was wearing was in fact inspired by what Claire was wearing when going through the stones. Nope, not on TV though, so don't imagine Caitriona Balfe in it. The dress was designed right from the primary source material, Diana Gabaldon's book, that Dresbach was a fan of, even before her husband, executive producer Ronald D. Moore, adapted it to be the TV show.

"In the books, which I read about a billion times when they first came out, [Claire] is written as wearing a Jessica McClintock dress which is essentially a Gunne Sax. As a reader, I didn’t really notice the costumes too much. But that costume I did notice," Dresbach told the magazine.




As Dresbach took over the task of creating costumes in 2012, she never fathomed she'd go this far with the series. When her exhibition was going on till December 2, she chatted with various media outlets explaining every button, stitch, and print of the costumes created. Now, she also shares her intricate work online through a Twitter account dedicated only to the Outlander costumes, which she breaks down for the fans and costume enthusiasts. 

"I was talking to a woman the other day who's watched the show 200 times," Dresbach told Harpers Bazaar. "When you're talking to them, they have questions that deserve to be answered. There has to be a justification. [Fans] expect more because they're engaged in the process in a different way."

Here are the best costumes we have seen on season 4 till date or we will see in the near future. There's also this fitting fur coat that Brianna wore when buying a passage to North Carolina in episode 7.

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