'Outlander' season 4 episode 9: What's next for Brianna and Roger? Where is this love story headed?

In the recent episode, Roger and Brianna tied the knot but things soon turned bitter as an argument escalated to Brianna sending him off. Will he be back or is he off to Scotland?

                            'Outlander' season 4 episode 9: What's next for Brianna and Roger? Where is this love story headed?

In episode 8 of Starz's time-traveling drama, Brianna Randall Fraser reunited with her lover Roger MacKenzie in Wilmington. The much-anticipated reconciliation of the 20th-century couple in the 18th-century setting was a short-lived joy, for things soon turned sour between the time-traveled couple.

The regret of their make-up was as quick a realization because as soon as the duo were done with their vows in a handfasting ceremony and making love in a stranger's house, Brianna realized Roger knew about her parents' death all along and withheld the vital information from her. Roger, on the other hand, insisted it was only for her sake, and as the chauvinistic man Roger has proved to be, added Brianna should listen to him because he is now her husband and owns her.

Brianna, who had slapped him a few episodes ago for another sly comment on how he wanted to marry a virgin, told him to leave her in Wilmington and go back to 20th century Scotland. Roger, in haste and anger, left Brianna by herself, leaving her vulnerable and exposed to the villain Stephen Bonnet. On reaching her motel and encountering Bonnet, Brianna is brutally raped by the same antagonist who stole her mother's wedding ring in the first episode of season 4. 

Brianna and Roger (Starz)
Brianna and Roger (Starz)

It is for certain Brianna is not the same bratty person fans have known her to be. The course of her adversities has not only impacted her and her relationships with people, but has also affected her relationship with herself. She smiles less but her head is still held high, after all, she is the daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser, brought up by Frank Randall, Claire's first husband who lived in the 20th century.

However, her weakness seems to be Roger, because when he showed up, she melted. Even though he told her he has not changed his mind about marrying a virgin, she still agreed to marry him, questioning how she can say no to a man who pursued her for 200 years. After a steamy lovemaking scene, they get into a fight and Roger leaves her in rage.

Almost instantly following this scene, is the harrowing rape scene, which despite taking place off camera is equally disturbing knowing people who heard her scream for help did nothing to prevent a young girl from getting raped by a pirate.

As she picks up her boots and heads towards her room, walking almost dead, there are hundreds of feelings we feel for Brianna. Now, the upcoming episode titled 'The Birds & The Bees' is only a few days away and we need to talk about what may happen between Roger and Brianna. Will Brianna forgive Roger? Should he be forgiven? Will he reunite with her again? If yes, how?

In the sneak-peek promo trailer, we see Brianna is suffering from PTSD after the incident and Roger is not a free man working on Bonnet's ship. Little does he know his wife was raped by his captain, even though he knows he is a villain. The good news for Brianna is that she is likely to reunite with her parents who are also in Wilmington at present.

The 45-second trailer concludes with Jamie questioning, "Do you have a message for me, lass?" which is believed to be in conversation with Brianna. If Brianna is reunited with her parents then she may temporarily forget all the hardship she went through.

Roger not being allowed to stay back in Wilmington by Bonnet, may be a good thing if Brianna also chooses to leave Wilmington along with her parents. Even though Brianna firmly believes he is going to catch a ship back to Scotland and leave her, he just may not, because in an odd way he does like to look after Brianna and we have a hunch Roger has to pay for his wrong-doings, in the 18th century itself.

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