'Outlander' season 4 episode 4: Alarming prophecy suggests a vulnerable character may soon die

Last Sunday the past glimpsed at the future as a prophecy was made by an old Cherokee healer named Adawehi, where she warned Claire about death

                            'Outlander' season 4 episode 4: Alarming prophecy suggests a vulnerable character may soon die

We have already admitted that the revelations of Outlander's season 4 episode 4 'The Common Ground' was insightful especially when it comes to Jamie and Claire Frasers' death. Shuffling between the 18th and the 20th-century love story, it is obvious that the future can rewind to the past, but can the power of prophecies give a sneak peek into the future?

Last Sunday, the future visited the past as Roger MacKenzie found out that Claire and Jamie had reunited, only to shortly find out that they die in the fire at Fraser's Ridge. The past, on the other hand, glimpsed at the future as a prophecy was made by an old Cherokee healer named Adawehi, where she warned Claire about death.


A woman named Giduhwa translated her husband’s grandmother's words telling Claire Adawehi dreamt of her and in her dream, Claire "became a white raven who flew over the water and swallowed the moon. The white raven then flew back and laid an egg, which split open to reveal a shining stone with healing powers."

“You have medicine now, but you will have more when your hair is white like snow. You will have wisdom beyond time,” the village elder told the 20th-century time-traveler. This beautiful description soon turned eerie when she added; "You must not be troubled. Death is sent from the gods. It will not be your fault."

This clearly hints that a major character is soon going to die. Who could it be?

Fans are worried the most vulnerable character at the moment may be Marsali Fraser. Heavily pregnant and now soft towards Claire, Marsali was given a beautiful scene with Claire in the same episode.

Claire's relationship with her step-daughter-in-law only seems to be growing deep. Before Claire embarked on a journey towards building Fraser's Ridge, Marsali broke down to tell Claire she is missing her mother, Laoghaire.

(A quick recap, Laoghaire and Claire have a bad history since Laoghaire tried to have Claire burned at the stake as a witch.) Claire, like the kind woman that she is, assured Marsali that her mother did a good job raising her.



This interaction made Claire miss her daughter Brianna, who is in the 20th century. "Sometimes I worry I was wrong to leave her," Claire told Jamie, who instantly assured her that when he missed her desperately when they were separated for 20 years, he held on to images of "your face, your words, your heart."

As the missing phase passes, the prophecy comes and then we figure Marsali is the one who is highly vulnerable because her pregnancy has become a difficult one. Added to that, she has now turned nice towards Claire, because in season 3 she was utterly despising Jamie's love.

That eventually changed and Marsali and Claire began bonding more overtime. Season 4 was expected to bring a brand-new world for the old and the new couple alike, but chances are, there may be a classic sad 'Outlander' end to it. But we hope Marsali makes it because after giving birth, they all plan to live together at Fraser's Ridge. But then again, the 20th century has spoiled for us that the place will burn down sometime around the 1770s, which is in two to 12 years' time from the era Roger and Brianna Fraser is in.

Another person to worry about with this prophecy is Brianna, who flew to Scotland without telling Roger. When Roger called her in Boston, her roommate alerted him that it had been two weeks since she left the country. We see Roger aghast, giving us no assurance that Brianna is safe.

The possibility of the white raven swallowing the moon and going back to lay an egg, can also be a metaphor to Brianna, who was born in the 20th century after the 18th-century union of Claire and Jamie Fraser. 

We have too many characters to worry about now, the prophecy has just made it worse. We just hope the time-traveling drama skips death as much as possible. I don't want to write a RIP copy next.

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