'Outlander' season 4 episode 3 review: Jamie and Claire find home but 'The False Bride' gives rise to more doubts that require answers

Fans of Brianna and Roger are completely devastated after what unfurled on the Sunday's episode 'The False Bride,' but there are bigger things to worry about.

                            'Outlander' season 4 episode 3 review: Jamie and Claire find home but 'The False Bride' gives rise to more doubts that require answers

Shuffling between 1768 and 1970, the time-traveling drama's episode titled 'The False Bride' had three very important questions to ask. A lot has already happened in season 4, ever since Claire and Jamie Fraser were washed ashore on colonial America and immediately get on to the pursuit of the American Dream. As we explore the country in ways unimaginable, we are met with an Indian ghost, Aunt Jocasta's wrath, and the possibility of other time-travelers, just like Claire, in this new episode.

Despite various adversities the Fraser couple face, there is one assurance - Claire and Jamie's love for each other is so powerful that even an Indian ghost sets on a mission to reunite them.

As the Fraser couple decide to leave Aunt Jocasta's property and turn down her offer of inheritance because they are determined not to own any slaves, they embark on a journey to find their own home. But just like any other journey in 'Outlander,' this is a dramatic one, set in the backdrop of thunder, rain, and lightning, as Claire goes off alone in the woods looking for their mule. Claire gets lost, the lightning strikes and her horse runs off. Hurt and temporarily knocked unconscious, Claire takes refuge inside a tree hollow and finds a skull with a peculiar mark on the head. Along with the skull, is an opal stone.


Claire and Jamie Fraser embark on a journey to find their home (Starz)
Claire and Jamie Fraser embark on a journey to find their home (Starz)

Right about that time, as we hold our breath, we see a torch approaching Claire and needless to say, we all think it's Jamie. So does Claire. But turns out, the approaching torch is held by the ghost of a Native American, who initially looks hostile, but turns away after looking at Claire for some time. As the ghost turns his back, we see the peculiar scar on his head and also notice the opal on his neck. 

Next day when Claire wakes up to a bright clear day, she traces her bootprints back to Jamie, who is waiting for her by the stream. Jamie is led to the spot by the same footprints as well. Curious about the ghost, Claire starts cleaning the skull and suddenly notices that the skull has silver fillings. Astounded with the discovery, she rushes to Jamie and tells him that silver filling was not invented until the 1800s, so highly likely the Native American ghost was a time traveler like Claire. The first question is raised - Are there more travelers like Claire?

If yes, where did he come from? Why did he reunite this couple?

Season 1 made it pretty clear that Claire was not alone in her time-traveling adventure as Geillis Duncan too time-traveled through the rocks of Craigh na Dun. This particular Native Indian ghost, however, could not have time-traveled trough Scotland and landed in America, so are there possibilities of time-traveling portals in America? 

While this mystery remains, what gets solved at least is the couple's quest for a home. Chancing upon a field of strawberries, Claire and Jamie enjoy some moments of intimacy when Jamie suddenly realizes that the land they are standing upon is “the most beautiful land" he has ever seen. Added to that, he says that strawberries are the emblem of the Fraser clan. Call it fate, call it destiny, but the Frasers then name the place as 'Fraser's Ridge.'

Meanwhile, their daughter, Brianna's love story with the youngest Oxford professor in the 1970s is not anything like Jamie and Claire. This was a major blow to the fans who were expecting a happily-ever-after scenario for the much-anticipated new love story.

Roger and Brianna celebrate a Scottish festival in America (Starz)
Roger and Brianna celebrate a Scottish festival in America (Starz)

Roger MacKenzie travels to America to meet Brianna and celebrate a Scottish festival with her, and though this sounds like an ideal reunion for a brewing love story to get steamy and romantic, what happens next is gravely disappointing. As Brianna undresses to take the relationship to the next level, Roger stops the foreplay and thinks that it is a perfect time to propose Brianna so he gifts her a bracelet and expresses his love.

Brianna is taken aback and points out that this is all moving very fast. She tells him that she isn’t ready to be married or to even be engaged, and doubts if she ever will be. Roger loses his cool and fans see the ugly side of him, one that was hiding behind his sweet and cheerful demeanor. Bringing out the worst in him, Roger clearly displays some double standard when he says that it was fine for him to sleep with other women before he met Brianna, but he wanted to get married to Brianna as she is a virgin. He gets slapped by Brianna, and rightly so. Even though the plot of the story takes place in the 70s, Roger seems to have been the one going back in time with his own thinking. 

Even though the young couple tries to figure out their differences, Roger comes across as a chauvinistic moron. But here's a bit more of the problem, Roger's character is vaguely familiar and the debate of "modesty" is still open today as it was in the 50s, and the 70s. Looks like Brianna left him, and for her to come back Roger needs to majorly change his outlook on relationships. Can he do that? Even if he does, should Brianna and Roger happen again?

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