'Outlander' season 4 episode 10: The Frasers will be left a guilty lot if Roger decides to travel forward to 1970s

The 18th CE has been beyond ruthless to Roger MacKenzie, who after escaping the Mohawks, chances upon a time-traveling stone in the middle of a forest. He's just a touch away now.

                            'Outlander' season 4 episode 10: The Frasers will be left a guilty lot if Roger decides to travel forward to 1970s

Prior to episode 10 of Outlander's season 4, we had all the reason to be worried about Roger MacKenzie, because, suffice to say the 18th century was not easy for this Oxford professor who landed up on a boat with Stephen Bonnet, got beaten up black and blue by Jamie Fraser and was sold to the Mohawks. After 'The Deep Heart's Core,' Roger has given us more reason to worry, not for him, but about him. There's a difference.

Witnessing Roger's heroic escape from the Mohawks, who literally dragged him for days without proper food and water, was a major sigh of relief. However, as this fate driven drama has it, a major plot twist for Brianna Randall Fraser's lover, comes out of nowhere; this time in a jungle, as he chances upon another time traveling portal.

Roger easily identifies the stones to be a time travel epicenter, just like Craigh na Dun, thanks to the buzzing sound he identified back in Scotland. The gates of the parallel universe had opened again and all he needed to do to go back home or let's say to go back to safety, would be to place his hands on the surface of the stone.

Looking at the two gemstones in his hands, the 20th-century lover hesitates but ultimately advances to touch the stone; we hold our breath and blank goes the screen and credits begin to roll, and the impending question "will Roger travel forward to 1970?" looms until next Sunday.

Braeden Clarke (Kaheroton), Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield) - Outlander Episode 410 (Starz)
Braeden Clarke (Kaheroton), Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield) - Outlander Episode 410 (Starz)

The book readers may have a clear answer to that but given that the TV series has swayed multiple times from Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander' series, one can never be certain. However, Roger traveling back, or forward, in time is tempting, if not resolute. Times have been beyond hard for both Roger and Brianna, but now, because Brianna has reunited with her parents and Roger's misunderstanding has been cleared, good times may await the couple.

Oh, but wait! The child Brianna is carrying may not be Roger's, but rather the rapist, Stephen Bonnet's, and because Roger's mentality is pretty orthodox, we wonder how will he take the news. But, at the same time, Roger has proved he loves Brianna and sometimes love is enough, perhaps that is why he did not travel back to Scotland even after the major fallout between the two. He also told his fellow captive he would go back to his wife and was tying knots on a string to find his way back to Fraser's Ridge.

His ultimate escape from the Mohawks give him a good opportunity to go back to Fraser's Ridge, but chancing upon stones is even more tempting for Roger, who looks unrecognizable with a swollen face and eyes and long hair.

In a recent interview, executive producer Maril Davis, answered the question with a question; "What would you do?" If you were in Roger's place? That's something to think about real deep. It is not an easy decision for the lover boy, who also has to look out for himself as well. On a path that has given him nothing but misery, going back to his own time and place will give him the comfort he needs. But then again, the path of true love is not easy, nor has it been for the older time-traveling couple, Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser), Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser) - Outlander Episode 410 (Starz)
Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall Fraser), Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser) - Outlander Episode 410 (Starz)

However, this time-travel will not just be Roger's escape, but Jamie's perpetual damnation to his guilt of beating up his son-in-law, Brianna's blame game towards Jamie for chasing her lover away, Young Ian's misdemeanor for selling Roger to the Mohawks, Lizzie's mistake of misidentifying Roger and Claire's guilt on behalf of both Jamie and Brianna.

Added to that, Brianna's pregnancy and her journey towards motherhood will also be determined based on whether Roger decides to go to 1970s. Brianna will not travel through the stones any time soon. Her decision to have the baby, despite a good chance it isn't Roger's, has sealed the deal to the rest of her fate, but Roger's fate is just a touch away.

If I was in his place, I would be as tempted by the stones as Roger was. Oblivious to the fact that the Frasers are behind him, chasing him, trying to find him and get him back from the Mohawks, and most importantly, trying to undo their mistakes, the only hope that exists is clouded too.

However, Roger has proved himself to be a good surprise character. He followed Brianna through stones, found her in Wilmington, married her, argued, and did not leave her. Since he's come this far, we hope he keeps his hope still intact. His silver lining is less than 700 miles away.

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