'Outlander' Season 4 DVD: Bonus scenes may finally reveal who said 'Move your guns or I’ll shove them up your...' on set

The good news is there are four new scenes with side characters in the upcoming digital version of season 4. So, here is what they could be about.

                            'Outlander' Season 4 DVD: Bonus scenes may finally reveal who said 'Move your guns or I’ll shove them up your...' on set

The bad news for 'Outlander' fans is that "Droughtlander" will last a while before season 5 premieres, but the good news is the digital version of season 4, releasing in May, will feature four new bonus scenes. On February 13, the executive producers of Starz's time-traveling drama live streamed the announcement that 'Outlander' Season 4 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from May 28, and the extended version will feature unaired scenes of side characters. 


Unfortunately, for those who want a different ending, let's say with regards to Roger MacKenzie's delayed return or Claire and Jamie Frasers' presence when Brianna is giving birth, those will remain the same and the bonus scenes will not change the course of action, of course!



As soon as season 4 wrapped up on Starz last month, fans stared re-binging on the show because there's no such thing as too much 'Outlander,' or is there? The news of the bonus scenes excited the fans as it changes the entire experience of binging on it again. Fans discussed what the bonus scenes could be, because it's still under wraps, but here's what you may come across.

Murtagh Fitzgibbons and Aunt Jocasta

Aunt Jocasta and Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Starz)
Aunt Jocasta and Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Starz)

Their love story came as a massive shocker in the finale because nobody saw it coming, not even the book's readers. In Diana Gabaldon's book, Murtagh is already dead, but in the show, his storyline will likely set season 5 in action since Gover Tryon's command to Jamie to kill the regulator Murtagh, concludes season 4 with a cliffhanger.

In the upcoming bonus feature, chances are, you will see more of Murtagh and Jocasta because their love story came out of the blue. They were discussing politics and British colonization and Jocasta threw whiskey on Murtagh, and the next thing you know, they were hooking up. Fans speculated that Murtagh's character will replace that of Duncan Innes, a man who marries Jocasta in the books.

In a recent interview, executive producer Toni Graphia said the Murtagh-Jocasta romance is not simply a case of one character replacing another. "Our decision to keep Murtagh alive because we love that character so much, says in and of itself that he deserves his own story and he's not just here to replace another character," Graphia explained.

Confirming Jocasta and Murtagh will be on the bonus feature, Graphia said: "I can't wait for you guys to see where we're going with that relationship," and further teased "there's actually another scene with them that didn't make it in the cut that is going to be on the DVD, in the bonus features on the DVD. So, there's a little bit more with them. They were wonderful together. They have a really cool chemistry, those two actors. We love them."

Roger MacKenzie

Another scene that fans are hoping to see is Roger trying to get through the stones and failing the first time. Soon after Brianna Fraser embarked on her time traveling journey, Roger followed her, or in her words "pursued her for 200 years." Their rather difficult love story was, in fact, even more difficult as his journey through the stones wasn't as swift as it was shown, going by the book. He failed the first time but eventually made it, only to land as Stephen Bonnet's worker, and we know how the rest unfurls. Get some extra tissues this time.

Fergus and Marsali Fraser

The last we saw of them in season 4 was when they heroically rescued Murtagh from the prison and bombed the police station. Murtagh escaped, and we met him at River Run. Marsali and Fergus decided to go Fraser's Ridge, but did they make it? Maybe the answer to that is in season 5, but we will definitely see more of the heartwarming couple and their newborn baby.

Lord John Grey 

David Berry (Lord John Grey) - Outlander Episode 412 (Starz)
David Berry (Lord John Grey) - Outlander Episode 412 (Starz)

Season 3's DVD featured a bonus scene of Lord John Grey telling his future wife Isobel about how Jamie beat him at another round of chess. The impactful scene highlighted a far greater loss for Grey; his realization of losing Jamie. Fans are hopeful that this time too, there will be a bonus scene featuring this fan-favorite hero, doing what he does best; winning hearts!

Who said the dialogue: "Move your guns or I’ll shove them up your…"?


During the filming of 'Outlander' season 4, Maril Davis, the executive producer of the show shared her 'Heard on Set' snippets on Twitter and asked fans to guess who said a particular line. One particular snippet was never aired "Move your guns or I’ll shove them up your…" Fans' guesses ranged from Jamie telling the Redcoats, to Claire warning them. Maybe the bonus scene will let us know who said that.