'OutDaughtered' Season 6: Adam and Danielle reveal Blayke's reaction on finding out that she would have five sisters

'OutDaughtered' Season 6: Adam and Danielle reveal Blayke's reaction on finding out that she would have five sisters

Adam and Danielle Bubsy are proud parents of six daughters. In the season finale of the show, the pair opened up about the emotions they went through while raising their quints and how everyone reacted to the news. 

Danielle admitted that she was in "shock" when she found out that they were going to have quints. Their daughters, Blayke, Olivia, Ava, Riley, Parker, and Hazle are a blessing for the family as Danielle got pregnant via intrauterine insemination, However, the two were worried about the health of the quints when they were born prematurely. The quints spent several months in the hospital but were finally in a healthy stage and were given the approval to head back home. While Adam and Danielle were thrilled to become parents to five beautiful babies, another thing that worried them was how Blayke would react to the news of having five sisters. 

Blayke was quite young when the quintuplets were born and it worried Adam and Danielle as they wanted to ensure that they give enough time to all their children. To familiarize Blayke with how it would be with quintuplets, the pair decided to surround her with few dolls.  Blayke seemed to get a hint of how her life would change and even though Danielle and Adam had to pay more attention to the quints because of their health condition, Blayke was supportive throughout the journey. 

There was no doubt that Blayke loves her sisters as much as Danielle and Adam love them. The relationship of the quints and Blayke have remained the same throughout and with every passing day, it blossoms into something beautiful. 

Danielle and Adam often share pictures of the sisters playing together and the love can be seen. Even though there have been times when the pair worried that they were not giving enough attention to Blayke, she assured them that she was fine and knowing this, Danielle and Adam have always cherished their daughters equally. 


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