'OutDaughtered': Danielle and Adam want to move back to their old home, but it's not what the quints want!

The Busby family is ready to get back to their old rountine by shifting to their old house but it seems like the quints are finding it hard to accept it.

                            'OutDaughtered': Danielle and Adam want to move back to their old home, but it's not what the quints want!

Moving can be hard especially when you are a four-year-old. In the latest episode of 'Outdaughtered', Adam and Danielle were seen discussing the possibilities of moving back to their old house once the renovation is completed. While the quints were busy playing in the driveway, Adam and Danielle spoke to Danielle's mom, Michelle, about wanting to go back to their old place. The conversation started with Michelle addressing the fact that the quints would miss the new house because of the space it provided them to play around. 

Adam was excited to move back to their old house with his family  (Instagram)


Adam noted that he was counting the days until he could be back in his old house. "I am excited to get this all over with. We are trying to be patient but it is going to be months until the house is ready. I really want to get back to our old house and get back on with our normal routine," he said.  Adam further noted that they were uncertain how the renovation was coming along, but hoped it was going to come to an end soon. 

When the pair decided to visit the house with the quints it did not seem to play out like they had hoped. The contractor told Adam that the house would be ready in a month and while he seemed happy about it, the quints reaction did not bring joy. 

The quints were not happy to see their old house (Instagram)


When the family visited their old house they realized things were different. Danielle noted, "coming back here won't be the same". Echoing similar feelings it seemed like the quints didn't remember how their old house looked. This was quite evident when Hazel asked about having a swimming pool. 

Danielle was quick to address that they never had a swimming pool in the old house while adding, "the girls don't even remember that home". When the tour of their old house was over the quints were extremely happy to return to their new house as it gave them the freedom to play around in its big backyard. 

Looking at the quints being happy and comfortable Danielle realized that it was important for them to have a house that made everyone feel happy. She noted that their old house just wasn't it and she didn't want to move. While Adam was left confused, only the coming episodes can tell what's in store for the family. 

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