'OutDaughtered': Adam Bubsy finds it hard to enjoy his birthday surprise as he has a lot weighing on his mind

The family goes on a trip to the farm to celebrate Adam's birthday and the quints have a nice time playing with the farm animals.

                            'OutDaughtered': Adam Bubsy finds it hard to enjoy his birthday surprise as he has a lot weighing on his mind

It's party time in the Busby family! After giving their test in school it seems like the quints are having the perfect vacation as the family decides to head to a farm for the day. However, there is a special reason behind this visit and it happens to be Adam's birthday.

The quints did not take time to get accustomed to the farm life as they were seen jumping into the adventure the second they arrived at the ranch. They had a fun time holding roosters while also feeding a calf.  The quints even danced as they seemed excited for Adam's birthday. 

While the family seemed to enjoy this unexpected getaway, one thing that was still on Adam and Danielle's mind was about the quints graduating to a higher class. The trip also acted as a deciding factor for Adam and Danielle as they debated whether they should move Riley and Parker to a higher grade. If Riley is allowed to move a grade, she would be leaving all her sisters behind. Meanwhile, it is different in Parker's case. The previous episode hinted that unlike her sisters, Parker found it difficult to answer questions as spontaneously as the others did. The teacher expressed her doubts about Parker moving a grade. 

If Adam and Danielle decide to let the others move a grade, Parker would be left alone. Adam hoped to get some answers on the trip. However, he was faced with another surprise on the trip when he found out from his friend that Danielle was planning to open a store for her clothing line. 

He did not seem impressed that he had to hear this news from someone else and not Danielle herself. Adam also expressed his worry over how they would manage things with a store because they hadn't put their house on auction. It seemed like his birthday surprise turned into a bubble of worry as the day went on. 

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