'OutDaughtered': The Busby girls start their school again, Hazel reveals she has a boyfriend

The Busby girls are all grown up and one of them even has a boyfriend. The latest episode showed how the school has been for them

                            'OutDaughtered': The Busby girls start their school again, Hazel reveals she has a boyfriend
Hazel and Graham (TLC)

The Busby family is back in action! The season premiere of the show took the viewers on a ride with the family as they prepare to go about their daily life with their six daughters. Having a family so big, one would think Adam and Danielle would have a tough time handling each one of them but having precious daughters like they have made things easier for the pair.

Hazel Grace Busby, Ava Lane Busby, Parker Kate Busby and Olivia Marie Busby were all set to start their classes in pre-kindergarten while Riley Paige Busby was enrolled in kindergarten. Riley happened to be doing better than her sisters and this led her teacher to decide to promote her before the others.

In the previous season, Adam and Danielle were worried if Riley would feel comfortable moving on to another class leaving her sisters behind but after they made the decision, they were glad they did. The new class allowed Riley to become brighter and independent. Adam and Danielle acknowledged that Riley had also become more mature. 

Meanwhile, her sisters were enjoying their time in their class. Adam and Danielle thought it would be best for the quints to be in separate classes to make sure all of them had room to grow. Taking this step did the best for Parker as she was able to evolve and open up as she separated from her sisters. 

However, the biggest change to arrive was in Hazel's life as she had a boyfriend now. Adam revealed Hazel's boyfriend's name was Graham and they were in the same class. Graham is the tallest person in the class and it looks like the two love spending time together. Danielle revealed they know Graham's family very well and laughed it out thinking how Hazel spoke about him. 

Adam revealed that Hazel's sisters do not hold back in teasing her about the boy. However, Hazel always tells them that she does love him. The family decided to poke fun of the situation as their Uncle Dale did not hesitate to join in on the fun. He asked Hazel if Graham had a Porsche. 

When Hazel said he didn't, Dale revealed that was something she had to pay attention to. Hazel nodded her head while the rest of the family enjoyed the situation. 

'OutDaughtered' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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