'OutDaughtered': From birthday parties to Easter surprises, how the Busbys are sailing through the pandemic

The Busby family has been staying indoors ever since the lockdown was implemented following the coronavirus pandemic onslaught. Here's how they have been making it their new normal

                            'OutDaughtered': From birthday parties to Easter surprises, how the Busbys are sailing through the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic altered the lives of billions after it enveloped the globe with its deadly reach. With most countries going under lockdown, the lives of people shifted from normal routines and they were forced to adopt many changes as the new normal. With the risk of lives and health, the production team of the show 'Outdaughtered' thought it would be best for shooting to be canceled but that did not stop the Busby family from highlighting how they have been living their days during the lockdown. 

The Busby family took it upon themselves to shoot the latest episode (June 30) of the show. Ever since the pandemic made the government order families to stay indoors, Adam and Danielle had been finding it hard to take care of their six children. With the quints being hyper and energetic, the struggle to get them all seated for their online classes made Adam and Danielle reminisce the time when things were normal. 

Despite this, they knew they had to take matters into their own hands and work towards ensuring that all the children had fun learning and didn't mind staying at home. For this, Danielle managed to come up with games that would keep everyone busy. Right from having a fashion show to making a Busby fort using sheets, the Busby parents had some tricks up their sleeves to keep everyone busy. 

During their lockdown period, they also managed to celebrate the birthdays of the quints and had an Easter hunt on the occasion of Easter. While the quints birthday consisted of cupcakes and ice cream, they managed to have more fun activities after a couple of days when all their birthday supplies were delivered to the house. With coronavirus taking over the city, the Busbys struggled to get the party decorations in place but once they did, Adam and Danielle made sure they had the perfect relay race planned for all the children to enjoy. While they managed to put on a good show, the Easter celebration did not go as planned. 

Adam decided to dress as the Easter Bunny but instead of loving the idea, the quints got scared and started crying. Danielle managed to calm them down and was surprised by the reaction. Once everyone calmed down, the family managed to have a good time. As the Busbys struggled to accept change as their new normal, things changed one month into the quarantine. 

Adam and Danielle admitted they were happy to be healthy and blessed as they continued enjoying every time they spent as a family.

'OutDaughtered' season finale aired on June 30 at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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