'OutDaughtered': Danielle worries if she is a bad mother as lockdown leaves her feeling mentally exhausted

Danielle Busby has been feeling the pressure of the lockdown and this makes her question if she is doing everything right as a mother

                            'OutDaughtered': Danielle worries if she is a bad mother as lockdown leaves her feeling mentally exhausted

The Busby family has been trying to get adjusted to the new normal after the coronavirus pandemic triggered a global lockdown, but life has not been easy for them. The quints have been struggling to get accustomed to online classes while Adam and Danielle Busby have been finding it hard to think of ways to keep them entertained. 

Even though there have been occasions where they have managed to keep all the children entertained, Danielle recently felt that she was not doing a good job as a mother. In the latest episode (June 30) of the show, Danielle felt exhausted as she struggled to take care of the house with everyone there all the time. Danielle expressed her fear of feeling that she was a bad mother. She felt these emotions running through her as the family struggles to get through every day as the pandemic forces them to stay indoors. Danielle admitted that cooking, cleaning and taking care of all the children has not been easy. 

It reached a point where Danielle decided to hide in the car to get some fresh air. After spending a lot of time in the house with the family, Danielle knew it was time for her to take a time out to feel relaxed. She decided to call her sisters up and check on them. Danielle was not surprised to hear them being exhausted and complaining about the same things. 

Despite this, she managed to relax after she reminded herself that they were blessed for not being affected financially as the others had. Blayke Busby helped Danielle realize this and the two decided to head out of the house to take care of the clothing business. Blayke was quick to ask Danielle how she had been doing ever since lockdown started. 

Danielle admitted that it was hard at times but she was trying to get through it. Hearing her mother say this Blayke reflected that she loved the lockdown because she was getting a chance to spend more time with the family. Danielle felt blessed to have an understanding daughter like her and admitted that at times like this, it was important to count the blessing than look at the negative aspect. 

'OutDaughtered' season finale aired on June 30 at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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