'Our Cartoon President' Season 3 Episode 15 Preview: Trump admits Covid-19 threat, declares war on invisible foe

'Our Cartoon President' Season 3 Episode 15 Preview: Trump admits Covid-19 threat, declares war on invisible foe

'Our Cartoon President' continues to pull the punches. In the previous episode, we saw Joe Biden's character being put on a train to nowhere by Chuck Schumer and Cartoon Nancy Pelosi, and Donald Trump Jr desperately trying to win his father's approval by looking for ammo on Hunter Biden.

The show didn't hesitate to mock the presidential debate where Cartoon Trump and Cartoon Biden yelled over each other for several hours. A bored Chris Wallace made little or rather no effort to moderate between the two of them. Trump insisted that he has made the country unrecognizable, and Biden calls it "dog sh*t". Asked if he was condemning white supremacy, Trump didn't know where to say, and Cartoon Biden echoed the real-life Biden where he told Trump to shut up. In the next episode, Trump has finally seemed to accept that the coronavirus is a threat. The synopsis reads, "With a restless nation turning against him, Cartoon Trump declares war on the invisible enemy COVID-19 and exploits the benefits of a wartime presidency; Cartoon CNN's Chris Cuomo wants to learn how to be a serious newsman."

The show has made a mockery of Trump's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in several episodes, including one where Eric Trump attempts to create a "miracle cure" which almost kills thousands of people. Till now, Cartoon Trump has been continuing to ignore the seriousness of the disease that is ravaging his country, and says that the pandemic is really not a threat to worry about, and could give two hoots about masks. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? In one of the episodes, Trump had to learn how to act more like a human being, in order not to mess up the great presidential debate. He was put in a cage, and is "trained" to let go of his Trump-ish behaviour such as making "criminally offensive and insensitive statements".

The voice cast for the show also includes James Adomian, Paul Christie, Zach Cherry, Brett Davis, Anna Eilinsfeld, RJ Fried, Molly Gordon, Gabe Gundacker, James Monroe Iglehart, Mike Leech, Cody Lindquist, Emily Lynne, Griffin Newman, John Viener, Amanda Philipson, Matthew Piazzi, Jim Santangeli, Zach Smilovitz, Thomas Whittington, William Sadler and Stephen Colbert. The show takes potshots at the relationships between the Cartoon President and his family as well as members of Congress, along with media and other political commentators.

Catch 'Our Cartoon President' on Sundays at 8 pm on Showtime.

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