Orlando Brown: Who is he, what's up with his eyes, and why does he keep making horrific allegations?

He sported snake eyes on Dr Phil, shocking viewers worldwide

                            Orlando Brown: Who is he, what's up with his eyes, and why does he keep making horrific allegations?
Orlando Brown (Getty Images)

American actor, singer and rapper Orlando Frankie Brown, who is popular for his role of Eddie Thomas on the Disney series ‘That’s So Raven’ has controversy written all over him. In the past few years, he has been in and out of handcuffs one too many times, yet he never seizes to baffle us with newer troubles. 

As a child actor, Brown came to be known for featuring in television shows, including the 90s sitcom ‘Family Matters’ and another show ‘Two of a Kind’. He also appeared in a few big projects including ‘Max Keeble’s Big Move’ and ‘Major Payne’. 

However, the stardom was only limited to when he was a child actor, as he saw himself entangled in several legal issues as an adult and continues to be controversy’s favorite child.

Brown's issues with the legal system first started in February 2016, when he was arrested and charged for drug possession, domestic battery, obstruction of justice along with possession and sale of contraband within prison limits. At the time, he was also charged for striking his then-girlfriend following a beef. 

Following his first arrest, Brown became a regular at the jail as on multiple occasions he failed to appear at the court for his hearing on the scheduled date, along with continued possession of drugs and more domestic violence charges piled on him. 

In 2018, to evade the brunt of his crimes, he fled California to Las Vegas, where he was eventually captured by bounty hunters, after being found hiding in the closet of private property.

In the same year, he was arrested in Las Vegas once again, for selling illegal drugs and visiting a local hotel which was known for prostitution. 

After being placed in a mental facility for several months owing to undisclosed reasons, he was finally released in September 2018, soon after which he appeared on an episode of Dr Phil and once again became the hot topic of discussion for making outrageous claims. 

What came across as insane as his baseless and unrealistic claims were the snake eyes he sported on the national television. 

Before claiming that he was a son of Michael Jackson with a moniker that read Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket, Brown shocked the audience with his extremely bizarre look.

Explaining his rather eccentric appearance, he told on Dr Phil,  "They're my Michael Jackson eyelids. From ‘Thriller’. 

Brown, who once confidently called both Michael Jackson and Will Smith his biological fathers, has claimed in a recent viral video that both the celebrities sexually assaulted him when he was a child, and his entire family. 

In the interview with Dr Phil, in the presence of a psychiatrist from a mental facility in Malibu, Brown had also spoken about his desire to marry his ‘That’s So Raven’ co-actor Raven-Symone, whose tattoo he has gotten inked on his neck.

Besides the instances mentioned above, ‘Wild ‘N Out’ host Nick Cannon forcefully performing oral sex on him dressed as a woman, living with the impression that “All 488 million of my fans know that I don't fabricate or lie” and wanting to be with his imaginary kids in “Neverland” are only a few among several more atrocious claims the world has witnessed from Brown’s end.

Although Dr Phil had stated following the episode with Brown that the latter is willing to commit himself to treatment and was optimistic about his recovery, the former ‘That’s So Raven’ actor continues to leave us bemused with his action.

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